The refresh rate is the count of how many pictures a display can show in one second. A 120hz TV can display 120 frames at most at a second. Obviously, a 120 FPS content would look great over the 60hz display. Viewing 4K Contents in 120hz would look too smooth and beautiful to ignore, especially when gaming.

Without a doubt, the 4K 120hz display delivers the best quality content. Simply, they will take your entertainment to the next level. They also outperform 60hz displays at playing contents with Lower FPS. A higher frame rate is very useful if you play games on your TV as Xbox can now perform at 4K at 120hz.

As these televisions are now well within the consumer’s price range, you should not wait any longer. All reviewed TVs in this list below are considered the best 120hz 4k TV in their respective category.

Our Recommended Top 5 120hs 4k TVs at a Glance:

OLED display, both gsync and freesync, HDR10, Alexa built-in, HDMI 2.1.

QLED display, built-in Alexa, quantum HDR, freesync, HDMI 2.1, app support.

Android TV, google assistant, HDR, Dolby vision, excellent sound.

QLED display, very low input lag, Dolby vision, no burn-in risk, both Alexa and google assistant available.

QLED display, HDR, FreeSync, Alexa, HDMI 2.1, Very thin, art mode.

What Is The Difference Between 60Hz vs. 120Hz TV?

The main difference can be noticed between these two televisions when they play 24hz contents. Let’s check out an example. A 60hz TV can show 30hz content as it should be. It just counts each frame as two frames. 120Hz TV does the same thing, only it counts each frame as four frames. Both televisions can do this smoothly because 30 can be multiplied to both 60 and 120.

The problem arises when playing 24Hz media. The 60hz display counts each frame as three frames once, the next frame is counted as two frames. This incident is known as ‘3:2 pulldown’. Although the effect of 3:2 pulldown is barely noticeable, sometimes shots can appear juddery.

A 120Hz display, on the other hand, can easily handle the 24hz. Because 24 can be multiplied by 5 to make 120. That means it counts each frame as 5 frames, and that is it. There are no more juddery on a 120Hz TV.

Best 120hz 4k TV: The Honest Review

Let’s take a look at some hand-picked TVs that offer a 120hz refresh rate. They are at the top of the line from every aspect.

1. LG OLED55CXPUA 55″ 4K Smart OLED TV – (My Honest Top Pick)

Specifications: Display technology: OLED | Voice-assistant: Alexa | HDR: HDR10 | Dolby vision: Yes | G-sync: Yes| FreeSync: Yes | HDMI 2.1: Yes | Weight: 50.7 lbs | Dimension: 9.9 x 48.3 x 29.1 inches


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This LG OLED CX television has upheld the name of its predecessor. It comes with an AI processor for 4K, G-sync and FreeSync, WebOS, and remote for improved ease of use, etc.

The television has got you covered on all the front, from casual media consumption to gaming. You will enjoy great pictures and sound with HDR10, HDMI 2.1, OLED display. The gaming mode will provide you an improved gaming experience.

A Tip: You can connect audio in three ways. They are Optical Digital Audio Out, HDMI, and Bluetooth.

This TV utilizes the stunning qualities of an OLED display. As each pixel emits its own light, you will see a mixture of perfect dark and dazzling bright colors. It’s GEN 3 AI processor, WebOS and Magic remote works together to give you a seamless experience.

The remote can be used with voice commands; it also has motion control. Sound, picture, Upscaling has been improved with the AI processor. This advanced processor will help the TV to evolve over time.

Gaming mode will give you an immersive gaming experience. You will enjoy low input lag, responsive gameplay, high refresh rates on this TV.

Not to mention, it has both G-sync and FreeSynce support to minimize screen tearing. Its advanced motion handling makes sure you don’t miss a frame, be it an action scene or sport.

At the end of the day, you will have a well-rounded, pleasing experience with this TV.

Summary: LG OLED CX TV has something to offer to everyone, from enjoying content to gaming. Even though some do not like the UI and remote design, there is no serious complaint about this device. The features and build quality make it the top candidate for the best 120hz 4k tv title.
  • Easy to mount
  • Supports both G-sync and FreeSync
  • Snappy software performance
  • Great performance and design
  • Remote design is not up to the mark

2. SAMSUNG 65-inch Class QLED Q80T Series – (Another Top Pick)

Specifications: Display technology: QLED | Voice-assistant: Alexa | HDR: Quantum HDR 12X | Dolby vision: No | G-sync: No| FreeSync: Yes| HDMI 2.1: Yes | Weight: 80.90 lbs| Dimension: 56.9 x 11.4 x 35.7 inches

SAMSUNG 65-inch Class QLED Q80T Series

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This Samsung Q80T gave serious competition to LG CX. But it lacked behind in gaming mode and lack of ports. For this reason, it got the position behind the LG TV.

This television will be best for enjoying media content. With objective soundtracking, great viewing angle, quantum HDR, you will have a solid time. Not to mention bright colors and color accuracy will make scenes immersive.

A Tip: You will have to buy the optical cable separately if you want to utilize the Optical Digital Audio Out port.

Lights in these displays are placed just behind the panel. It gives the TV a much higher contrast ratio. You will see high-quality color as blacks will be much deeper, and whites will be brighter.

This is a thing of joy when it comes to enjoying content together. Because it has an ultra-viewing angle with anti-glare. No matter where you sit, you will enjoy everything comfortably as if you are in the front seat.

Another interesting feature is its object tracking sound. It has two top and two bottom speakers that produce the sound that follows the actions on the scene.

It’s Quantum Processor uses AI to present you with the best 4K experience available. Not only that, the presence of Alexa will make it a lot easier to integrate this TV into your life.

Summary: In short, this is a media-consumer oriented device. You will have a great time if you are going to spend time with media content. If you intend to game on this, you will have to compromise with a lack of ports and no dedicated gaming mode. It is by far the best native 120hz 4k tv considering the performance.
  • Great app support
  • Impressive ease of use
  • Fantastic picture quality
  • Low input lag
  • No DTS pass through
  • Only one 2.1 HDMI port

3. Sony X950H 49 Inch TV: 4K Ultra HD Smart TV – (Best Android 120hz 4k Tv)

Specifications: Display technology: LED| Voice-assistant: Google assistant | HDR: Yes | Dolby vision: Yes | FreeSync: No | HDMI 2.1: No | Weight:  31.8 lbs. | Dimension: 43.13 x 10.38 x 27 inches

 Sony X950H 49 Inch TV: 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

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There are a lot of TVs with Alexa built-in. This unit was made for avid android fans. Not only it runs google assistant, but also you can use the Playstore.

Imagine you have got yourself a big phone. A really big 49 inches phone that is also a TV. Beside media content, you can use your daily apps on its high definition display.

The highlighting feature of this TV is the use of android. It has both google assistant and Playstore. You can call up google assistant with your voice. The access to Playstore opens up doors for all kinds of possibilities. In case you are accustomed to Alexa, you can call her too.

Don’t worry if you are an Apple user. It has something to offer to everyone. You can integrate your iPhone and Siri devices to the TV for smart home management and content streaming.

Now let’s talk about the display. This LED display comes with Sony’s best X1 ultimate processor. It analyzes contents to bring realism by boosting color, contrast, and clarity. On top of that, it has a triluminos display that excels at producing RGB lights. So that the color quality will always exceed the expectation.

Summary: This TV from Sony will be a great choice if you are an Android fan. It brings the fun part of androids to life, aside from being a great TV. The lack of HDMI 2.1 ports raises some eyebrows about the manufacturer’s plan for future support.
  • Dazzling colors
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Speedy performance
  • Lightweight
  • No britbox
  • No HDMI 2.x

4. TCL 65″ 6-Series 4K UHD HDR QLED ROKU Smart TV – (Best for Gaming)

Specifications: Display technology: QLED | Voice-assistant: Alexa/Google assistant | HDR: Yes | Dolby vision: Yes | FreeSync: No | HDMI 2.1: No | Weight: 83.8 lbs. | Dimension: 56.9 x 13.7 x 35.7 inches

TCL 65" 6-Series 4K UHD HDR QLED ROKU Smart TV

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This TCL television ensures gamers get the best graphics. Also, you will get different options for smart assistant. That is why it’s got a place on the list.

Alongside dynamic graphics, its outstanding contrast ratio makes the experience really immersive.

A Tip: You can use the Roku app on your phone to utilize voice commands.

This TV has a lot to offer when it comes to gaming. It has a remarkably low input lag that makes it the best 120hz 4k tv for gaming. This is where is bested most of the televisions in the market. Besides that, it has a decent response time. So, you won’t feel any delay when the actions are taking place.

Don’t get the wrong idea seeing it does not have FreeSync. Instead of FreeSync, manufacturers used a different technology to implement a variable refresh rate. In short, you won’t have to worry about screen tearing.

It also does not fall short when it comes to media content. The QLED display with HDR offers outstanding picture quality. The high contrast makes sure you get the most realistic video. To improve ease of use are plenty of options. You will have Alexa, google assistant, Roku app with a voice command at your disposal.

Summary: If you sacrifice a little with navigation, this TV is a treat for gamers. It offers the best of both worlds for gamers and casual users alike. Navigating with the Roku app would make it a pleasant experience. It is considered the top 4k 120hz tv for PS5 and next-gen consoles by many.
  • No Burn-in risks
  • Very low input lag
  • Impressive sound
  • Clean remote layout
  • Navigation annoyance
  • Subtitles are not customizable

5. SAMSUNG 75-inch Class FRAME QLED LS03 Series – (Thinnest One)

Specifications: Display technology: QLED| Voice-assistant: Alexa| HDR: Yes| Dolby vision: No| FreeSync: Yes| HDMI 2.1: Yes |Weight: 120.7 lbs. | Dimension: 48.6 x 27.9 x 1.8 inches

SAMSUNG 75-inch Class FRAME QLED LS03 Series

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This unit from Samsung is a piece of art. Besides considering it as a great content viewing display, you can literally hang it like an art piece.

The art mode is the centerpiece of this TV when you are not watching. It shows selected pieces of art when no one is watching any program.  This unit would look just like a big frame when a bezel is added to it. This TV is much more than a TV; it is a device of art enthusiasts.

A Tip: You can choose to keep the glow on or off when art is on from the settings menu.

Although Samsung named it ‘Frame,’ it does much more than it. The main attraction is the build of this product. The is almost as much as thin as a frame. Due to the excellent design, many might make the mistake of thinking this is actually the frame.

You can set it to display your favorite pieces of art. When no one is watching it, the frame will display those pieces. Not only that, you will have access to an art gallery, where you will find numerous pieces made by artists. So, you will never run out of art pieces.

Aside from displaying arts, its QLED ensures the top quality color gradation for media content. The powerful processor uses AI to deliver the best 4K experience. Due to the use of quantum dots, you will see the most realistic colors possible. Overall, the viewing experience will be one of the best you ever had.

Summary: You will need to hide the cords for the best setup, which might get difficult due to the design. As no art piece is perfect, it lacks a little software optimization. Other than that, this has one of the best designs and features that TVs can offer.
  • Elegant design
  • Easy to install
  • Clean and simple build philosophy
  • Art mode is very unique
  • Hiding the cords might get difficult
  • Software is not optimized

Buying Guide of 4k 120hz TV: [Do Not Forget to Check Before Buying]

When you want to pick the best 120hz 4k tv, you will have to keep a few things in mind. Remember to take a sharp look at these features and specs for full satisfaction.

Size & Space

A disproportionately large screen would not look good. Besides that, make sure you have enough space between you and the television. The larger the screen, the more space you will have to put in between to enjoy the best experience.

Display Technology

The LED, QLED, OLED are used as the main display technology for these TVs.

LED display works a lot like an LCD, but they have small diodes instead of a CCFL backlight. These diodes can produce better colors than LCD. They also have better power efficiency.

In the OLED display, each individual dot is placed separately. That means the display has control over each pixel. OLED displays have a great viewing angle, deeper blacks. The colors seem very accurate and realistic on this display.

QLED displays are made by placing a layer of quantum dots in front of the backlight panel. These displays offer larger displays, lower price tags. Also, the lifespan is longer, and the colors are vibrant and bright


The High Dynamic Range (HDR) helps to increase color contrast and color accuracy. These are the metrics that help us to resemble real-life colors on the screen. With HDR applied, colors tend to pop out and look very real.

Nowadays, when buying a TV, look if it has HDR10, HDR10+, or HLG. Although HLG is not HDR, the work they do is usually the same. The HLG covers a wide range of contents than HDR, but HDR is more prevalent.

Viewing angle

If you use it solely for gaming, then the viewing angle might not get preference. But, if you will be enjoying content with loved ones, then a greater viewing angle will ensure everyone enjoys the content. For the best experience, choose the TV that has a greater viewing angle and anti-glare.

Dolby Vision & Atmos

Dolby Vision is a type of HDR that is worth a separate mention. It recreates an ultra-vivid picture that comes in most true to life form and allows the creators to apply their color tone frame by frame. So, you will be experiencing content the way creators intended.

Dolby Atmos lets content creators set each instrument, tone, and vocal as they want. It emulates the 3D environment as the audio is flowing around you. The surround sound it makes really takes entertainment to the next level.

Gaming Mode

Input lag is when it takes for a signal to go through the controller and make the actions happen. In general, a lot is going on under the hood when the TV is on. When the gaming mode is turned on, it frees the resource from other functions that do not contribute to gaming.

For example, gaming mode minimizes the input lag to minimal when diving into gaming mode.

Smart Assistant

Smart assistants are the new hot thing on the block. These assistants play a great role in improving ease of use. TV will offer much more if you get a TV with a smart assistant like Alexa or Google assistant.

You will be changing channels or modes with voice, ask a question, play fun games, installing apps from the store, and all sorts of things you never imagined.


If you already have a TV cabinet, you must check the dimension before getting one. If the dimension does not match, the TV might look too small within the cabinet. A larger one will make you redo your cabinet all over again.

When Is The Best Time To Buy A 4K 120hz TV?

The 4K televisions are not cheap by any standard. On average, their prices hover around $1000 US dollars.  These TVs go to a sale at a discounted price a few times a year. If you know how long to wait and when to strike, you can save yourself a significant amount.

Black Fridays are the best time to look for favorable deals. The televisions go on sale along with everything else. Manufacturers usually announce new models in January, and those devices hit the store during spring. At that time, TVs that were already in the store are sold at a discounted price.

Another good time to look for the price is before Superbowl final season. Due to the craze during this time around Superbowl, you will see some discounted prices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is 120hz good for 4k TV?

Yes, they provide a better experience.

Is there a 120hz 4k monitor?

There are plenty of 4K monitors with 120hz monitors.

Are 120hz TVs worth it?

Yes, they are worth the money.

Do you need HDMI 2.1 for 4k 120hz?

Yes, you will need HDMI 2.1.

How do I make my TV 120hz?

Upgrading cable could work if the TV supports 120hz.

Bottom Line

120hz on 4K is essential nowadays for enjoying top quality media. Especially if you want to game on consoles as they now support 4K at 120hz. So, what is going to be your choice?

Hopefully, this best 120hz 4k tv review would help you pick the right one. Set them up in the right way, manage the cable well, and they will be the centerpiece of your entertainment for a long time.


Team Everything4K is a bunch of tech enthusiasts and researchers. The team is very interested in the relevant hardware and explain in such a way that reader can get the best experience of playing games in a 4K setup. You know that 4K is the future of display technology. And the credit of explaining rough and tough tech terms easily goes to Team Everything4K.

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