A 32″ TV is still considered as the best source of entertainment in maximum households. It ensures visual pleasure and budget-friendly investment at once. Many brands are still launching the 4K TVs in 32 inch size with some next-gen features.

A 4K resolution TV is not something that you’ll buy daily. For your better everyday 4k watching experience, it should have a good processor, modern design, excellent picture quality, better sound output, and many more.

In this article, I have brought the 3 best 32 inch 4k TVs to you that might be your next buy. I have also included a convenient buying guide to assist you. You can take my suggestions for a better purchasing experience.

Best 32 Inch 4k TV Reviews

Now I am going to review the Top 3 4K 32-inch TVs ruling the market. Go through the reviews and buy the one that suits you most.

1. SAMSUNG QN32Q50RAFXZA Flat 32″ – A Smart 4K TV with 60Hz Refresh Rate


Key Features:

  • Panel Type: QLED
  • Refresh Rate: 60hz
  • Viewing Angle: Wide viewing angle
  • HDMI/USB ports: 3/2
  • Weight: 11.9 lbs.
  • More Features: 4k UHD, 100% color, 20w sound output, high-performance processor

Available On Amazon

This 32″ flat TV by Samsung has a 60HZ refresh rate. Unlike cheap flat TVs. You can enjoy 100% color volume along with a Quantum dot in it. SAMSUNG QN32Q50RAFXZA is winning hearts like a gem! Bring home this masterpiece if you have no intention to compromise with your visual entertainment.

This TV offers you a 4K UHD processor that provides you an outstanding 4K picture quality. You can use 3 HDMI ports that are included in it. These HDMI ports let you connect multiple ports and cables at a time.

The TV weighs only 11.9 lb. That means it’s pretty slender. In fact, it’s one of the most lightweight TVs available in the market. The company will provide you a universal guide so that you can scour for live streams and TV shows without hassle.

You can discover more colors with this HDTV. Samsung promises that you’ll get to see 100% color volume with the quantum dot in it. It offers you everything that can quench of entertainment and gaming. The TV screen offers a resolution no less than a real picture.

You can also experience voice control by using Alexa with it as well. The TV also includes a sound output of 20W. You will get to enjoy a crisp and clear vision like never before.

Overall, SAMSUNG QN32Q50RAFXZA takes you into a world full of colors. Unlike a low-cost 32″ inch 4K TV, this new addition of SAMSUNG has a 4K UHT processor for greater optimization.

Summary: The best thing about this 32 inch Samsung 4k Tv is that it offers connections of Wifi, Bluetooth, USB, HDMI at once. Its mesmerizing color and outstanding audio settings make it one of the best Smart TV you have ever watched. Buying this flat 32″ TV can never be a wrong step
  • 4K UHD processor for powerful image quality
  • Quantum Dot with 100% color volume
  • Universal guide for ease of usage
  • 20 RMS sound output
  • 3 HDMI ports
  • Interface not friendly enough

2. ZZYH 32″ Smart Voice TV – Preferable For Its Durable Build-quality and HDR Feature

ZZYH 32" Smart Voice TV

Key Features:

  • Panel Type: IPS
  • Screen Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • Encoding Mode:265 hard decoding
  • Number of Speaker: 2
  • HDMI/USB: 3/2
  • More Features: 64-bit power engine, HDR, Excellent picture quality and screen contrast, smart voice

Available On Amazon

ZZYH is an excellent solution for those who have been searching for an HDR TV with smart voice command integration. This product has 4K quality HDR features that provide clear light and dark pictures.

This Smart TV has a greater screen contrast that gives your TV a lift and higher dynamic picture quality. The range of brightness and details of a bright and dark quality picture will amaze you.

This TV has adopted A53 architecture, and the 64-bit power engine will render you service 2X better than random TVs. You can now rejuvenate your leisure with High-quality display, amazing content, and live streams on this smart voice TV.

By dint of a 6-core MaliT-450GPU system, this 32 inch TV offers you a solid performance. It supports premium-level 4K encoding mode, also known as H.265 hard decoding, This encoding technology is a great source of small space for temporary use and clear picture.

Be it efficiency improvement or home entertainment, you can do tons of things with this ZZYH 32 inch Smart Voice TV. You can develop an easy control over your TV and enjoy the next-gent watching experience.

Summary: For those who are keen to own a durable 32 inch 4K TV with HDR, this one can be a great option. This smart voice TV by ZZYH offers its purchasers everything that they ever craved for. The High Dynamic Range of this TV surpasses the quality of mainstream TVs easily. If you research this product, you will hardly find any flaw in this masterpiece.
  • HDR 4Kimage quality for an A-1 experience
  • H.265 hard decoding
  • Supports recent encoding mode
  • Remote control voice button
  • Adopts A53 architecture
  • High-power 64-bit engine
  • No flaws detected

2. LYYAN High-Definition LED TV – Crystal Clear Picture Quality and Stylish Design

LYYAN High-Definition LED TV

Key Features:

  • Panel Type: LED
  • Refresh Rate:
  • HDMI ports: 2
  • Screen ratio: Widescreen 16:9
  • More Features: Crystal-clear picture quality, Smoother Display, Good quality built-in speakers, Also suitable for gaming

Available On Amazon

Finding a Smart TV that offers high encoding quality and a mind-blowing sound system is very rare. LYYAN has brought to you this masterpiece that lets you watch smooth videos without freezing.

The smoother than ever playback feature of this device easily impresses any gamer. It’s a wider screen with a lighter frame that enhances your enjoyment to another level while watching it.

Enjoying crystal-clear picture quality with built-in speakers is so long a bridge too far. But you can now have it easily with LYYAN. Besides, the 32 inch HDMI picture quality of this LED TV makes every scene as clear as crystal. You will feel like you’re witnessing motions and scenes just before your eyes.

This product of LYYAN makes everything very surreal. With this wall-mounted slender TV, you can enhance the stylish aura of your living room.

LAIYAN can bring the family together by giving every eye a visual treat. Smart devices, HDMI, Viga easily lets you share media and files with your homies using this device.

It will enhance the excitement of big-screen games to another level. The product also comes with a label of “Fastest shipping time”.

Summary: Are you tired of your garbage TV that freezes before every image? LYYAN 32 inch 4K TV is the ultimate thing I can suggest to you. If you bring home this TV for your living room, you can turn your place into a little family entertainment center. Plus, it will adapt to your living room style without the hassle.
  • High encoding quality
  • Screen projection function
  • Ultra-thin frame for luxury
  • High-resolution HDMI display
  • Smooth playback without freezing
  • No issues found

What to Consider Before Buying the Best 32 Inch 4K TV

I know how difficult it is to buy a TV without knowing about it properly. Most of the articles promote some of the best-grade TV brands. But they hardly offer you a buyer-friendly buying guide that’ll guide the customers.

No worries! In this article, I have included this buying guide. I have researched enough and discussed with many professionals before suggesting it to you.


Fixing a budget before buying anything is a very vital part of the purchase. When it comes to buying a 4K TV of 32-inch size, you need to first fix how much money you want to spend.

Going for a cheap 4K TV won’t be the right decision. However, if you want to spend a lot, the sky is the limit. Many expensive 4k TVs offer you some mesmerizing features. First, set your preferences, which features you want, and how you will use your tv, then set your budget and buy accordingly.

Inputs and Ports

Before paying for any 32-inch TV, make sure that it has as many ports as you’re wanting. Some TV brands don’t offer you enough ports and inputs that you may need.

If you use PS4 or DVD/Blu-ray players, HDMI is a must. And without HDMI, you’re more likely to use DVI or VGA input. And you may need an additional HDMI cable if you are interested in using a set-top box. If you buy a 32-inch TV with plenty of port options, it will make your usage easier.

Sound Quality

The audio quality of your TV plays a substantial role in yielding a great experience. Selecting a 32-inch 4K TV without even checking out its sound quality is the biggest mistake our customers make.

You will get to know a lot about the sound quality by checking out the speaker specification. They can be unreliable sometimes, but that’s probably the only fact you can focus on.

Refresh Rate

Maximum customers don’t understand why the refresh rate is vital. And they have no idea about what the refresh rate is. A refresh rate detects how many times a picture is refreshed on the screen.

The refresh rate is counted in Hertz. There are chances that the picture may go hazy because of rapid motion. So, it is always better to purchase a 4k tv with a minimum of 60Hz.

Additional Features

Besides offering on-screen interfaces, higher-processed power and speed, built-in apps, the 32-inch TVs now offer a lot more. Working on a high-speed wifi connection on your TV is always a plus point in this 2021.

If you have subscriptions of the apps like Netflix, Hulu, Stan, ABC iView, Amazon Prime Video, they are automatically featured on the 32-Inch TV. They offer you some exclusive features that are just a click away.

Besides, many people now prefer a modern designed tv in their home. So, better build quality and modern look design can be a plus if you will buy the right one.

Should I Buy A 32 Inch 4K TV or 4K Monitor for Gaming?

There was nothing significant in computer screens before HD revolutions happened. They were just like TV screens. Thanks to the 4k Premium HD revolution that has introduced us with the HDMI 2.0 revolution. Now you can have a unique 4K experience without spending less than a god monitor.

You can use a TV that has an HDMI connection as a substitute for a computer screen if you want. In cases of 4K TVs, you’ll need a graphics card and an HDMI 2.0 port. The graphics card will allow 24-bit color with 60hz 4K resolution. The fusion of hardware and feature will make your TV work wonders.

The decision solely depends on you whether you want to use the TV as a computer screen or not. That depends on your usage purpose, environment, and many other things.

You need to fix where you’re going to place the monitor, how the environment is. If these factors are on the positive side, you can search for some best 32-inch 4k monitor for gaming and buy without fretting.

Does anyone make a 32 4k TV?

There are tons of brands that manufacture 32″ 4K TVs. Investing your money on a decent brand will not be a sunk cost. Samsung, ZZYH, LLYAN are some of those significant brands.

What is the best 32 inch 4K TV?

According to my research and study, SAMSUNG QN32Q50RAFXZA is the best 32 inch 4K TV. It offers you a 60 Hz refresh rate along with other smart features. 


So, these were some of the best 32 inch 4k TVs that are ruling the market like a pro. Most of the experts have agreed that these Top-3 TVs are satisfying every desire of their purchasers.

If you have no experience buying TV previously, you can check out the buying guide in this article. I have chronicled every factor that you need to consider while purchasing. Giving a read to this article once will make your journey of buying a 32-inch screen easier. Let me know if it helps you.


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