Let me see some hands; who wants to upgrade their home theater this year. Are you up for a 100-inch TV? Well, don’t buy so fast because I have something better in my mind.

How about a projector? Hear me out before you turn your back on me. For the same budget, you can get the best 4K laser projector which is capable of providing almost the same picture quality as a 4K TV.

And, do you know what the best part is?

You can carry 4K projectors around with you and even have a 150” screen. Better sound, powerful chips, Wi-Fi connectivity, native 4K picture and video resolution, smart apps; you name it. In this article, I will show you the products that can give you the true cinema experience.

Now, have a quick look at all of my top-picked products below.

1. VAVA 4K – Best Overall for Home Theaters

A bright ultra-short-throw projector with the best contrast ratio and longer service life just under $2800 seems too tempting to miss out. Also, the built-in powerful Harman Kardon Sound Bar completes the package making it the best for home theaters. With an amazing 0.233:1 throw ratio, you can project a 150” screen only from 16.7” away without losing native 4K resolution. Well, the list doesn’t end there. Read the full review below, and you are bound to fall in love with this fantastic laser Ultra HD projector.

2. Bomaker 2021 – Space-saving Compact Design

Here, I have got another popular product that can compete head-to-head with my top pick. TI DMD chipset and RICOH wide-angle lenses are responsible for their crystal clear native 4K video and picture resolution. Also, having a 120” bright vivid, and sharp projection only from 11” away is not something you can overlook. And all those properties will cost you less than the previous one. I’m not so sure about the sound system but you can always buy one from the money you can save by ordering one on Amazon. Read my full review below and see if it is worth it for your home theater.

3. LG HU80KA – Most Affordable Laser Projector 4K

When I say affordable, it should mean a laser Ultra HD projector that costs way less than other models on the list. Unfortunately, the tech is costly, and you can’t get a decent product for less than $2000 or $1800 bucks. However, this one has a reasonable price compared to the specs and performance. You know that LG is one of the leading manufacturers of 4K displays, and they keep their reputation in building 4K projectors. It has got a dual-speaker setup and a unique design that you would love. There is even more and read them below to see whether it is worth the investment.

4. Optoma CinemaX P2 – Smart Projector with Premium Soundbar

A strong name in the industry is Optoma, and they have stunned us with the brightness and picture quality of CinemaX P2. The prices may be off the chart for some customers, but let me tell you why it has earned your attention. 30,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, powerful NuForce dual soundbar with Dolby 2.0 are a few of the notable characteristics. Moreover, the smart control system along with several adjustment options can get your home theater an all-rounder solution. I am not going to hold you much longer in this section as I have a detailed review coming up.

5. LG HU85LA – Expensive Projector with Bright Images

LG displays and projectors are known for their perfection and color accuracy, and this one is no exception to that. The 3-channel laser and up to 12-bit color reproduction can work like magic. For native 4K resolution on a bigger screen, I think that you would agree on its price tag. Now, I don’t like to brag but the built-in apps and several wireless connectivity options can give you quite an experience. Moreover, its innovative minimalistic design would match your home decor perfectly. I know that I’m repeating these words but a quick look at the detailed review would make my day.

6. Dell Advanced – Preferred for Its reliability and Quality

Dell S718QL has two features that make it stand out than others in the US; very bright 5000 lumens, and PC-free performance. The cost is in the middle ground. For its durability and amazing performance, you can choose it. For Dell’s innovative design, the projector is easy to use. Moreover, the dual speaker setup can give you a surround-sound experience. The USB and HDMI 2.0 ports are very useful in many cases. It is a great option for office use. However, for a home theater laser projector 4K video resolution, you have to choose something else from the list.

7. SAMSUNG Premiere Projector – Great Option with 2.2 Channel Sound System

Despite the ridiculously high price, what you will like about Samsung SP-LSP7TFAXZA are its smart system and amazing picture quality. A powerful processor, 2.2 channel HD sound system, and modernistic design are all you can ask for home theaters and gaming. Its intelligent game-enhancer technology ensures smoothness for high-end games. Due to its wireless connectivity options, you can use it more conveniently. It is a shining star in the home theater projector industry in North America. Check it out as there is also a 130-inch option if you like bigger screens.

First Choose What You Need

Even a couple of years back, people couldn’t think of projectors as an alternative to TVs. But the situation has changed; thanks to the advancement of technology. Now, you can have a bigger screen with almost the same quality as a high-end television.

While doing the research for a laser Ultra HD projector, you must have seen a lot of models. I hate to bring the bad news but not all of them are capable of providing a decent 2160p output.

Among a handful of models, I have gotten a few ultra short throw laser projectors that can guarantee an Ultra HD quality. These products have other names such as Laser TVs, ultra short throw televisions, and Laser Projector TVs. So, don’t get confused hearing some people calling them something else.

I have told you that short-throw or long-throw 4K projectors are not an option as they can only input 4K but not output. So, an ultra short throw is the only choice if you truly want the UHD experience in a projector.

Beware of the Common Problems of a 4K Laser Projector

Laser projection is the latest tech with covering all the disadvantages we had with the LED ones. The list is long and I don’t want to burden you with it here.

  • The only problem with getting the  4K laser projector is the price. Even the cheapest ones cost slightly over 2000 bucks. But when you consider the low maintenance, low-noise operation, better color production, and durability, the price tags make sense.
  • Also, it takes a few minutes in the beginning to align the screen. However, smart technology makes it easier for you.
  • The manufacturers of 4k projector for home theater room claim that the devices don’t have significant input lag. But the truth is that you should not consider it as a gaming projector. The tech is still not very capable.

Just in case if you’re in a hurry….

Check these two UST 4K laser projectors from my review unit. If you are in a hurry, you can trust my recommendation and thank me later.

My Top Pick

VAVA 4K – Best Overall for Home Theaters



  • Brightness: 2500 ANSI Lumens
  • Throw Ratio: 0.233:1
  • Projection: 80” to 150”
  • Distance: 100” Image from 7.2” Away
  • Contrast Ratio: 3000:1 Native
  • Light Source Life: 25000 Hours
  • Speaker Power: 60W

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Bomaker 2021 – Space-saving Compact Design

Bomaker 4K Ultra Short Throw


  • Brightness: 2500 ANSI Lumens
  • Throw Ratio: 0.25:1
  • Projection: 100” to 200”
  • Distance: 120” Image from 11” Away
  • Contrast Ratio: 2000:1 Native
  • Light Source Life: 30000 Hours
  • Speaker Power: Not Specified

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Who Need A 4K Laser Projector?

Those who need a go-to projector for their project meetings or make any wall of their home a movie screen should get one of these projectors. Also, small apartments or not enough space for long throw home theater projectors can be a great fit. Now, I don’t want you to make a decision having even the slightest hesitation. For those reasons, read the next section, and see whether it can really meet your requirements.

Is It Worth Getting A 4K UST Laser Projector?

The straight answer is yes, buying a UHD laser projector is worth every penny. Here is why.

  • The best thing about these HDR projectors is that you can place them almost directly under the screen. So, no more shadows when someone is leaving in the middle of a movie.
  • The compact design makes them Portable ultra-short-throw projectors. You can set these devices wherever you want without much hassle.
  • Managing the cables is easier because you can place them near the socket. Also, the Wi-Fi connectivity options help keep the setup neat.
  • Due to their very bright projection capability, you can even see your favorite show or play games in rooms with light. That means no need for dark rooms anymore.
  • Due to the latest technology and better production process, they tend to last longer than the traditional ones. You can expect at least 20,000 hours of maintenance-free services.

So, what do you think? Aren’t laser projectors great? Now, let me describe how I picked those best projectors and help you with a descriptive buying guide.

How I Picked

Well, I was having a hard time at the beginning of my research because of the wrong labeling. The search result gave me lots of options but some of the listings were not what I was looking for. Many laser projectors are offering only Full HD output with no HDMI 2.0 port.

It took me hours to sort through all of them and find the best projectors that meet my criteria. After that, I listed the main characteristics of a recommendable UST 4K projector.

That filter helped me eliminate most of the products and make them a workable size. Then, I read the reviews, checked the forums, watched independent reviewer’s videos, and decided to go with 7 best projectors. However, my favorite is the top 5, and have described them below.

How to Choose the 4K Laser Projector?

Once you have known the crucial factors of these laser projectors, choosing the best product would become a matter of minutes not hours. The following guide will also help you understand and set your requirements.

Use Purpose

Those who are looking for a home projector must get a UHD laser projector. For office uses, 4K projector may seem a bit overkill at first. But thinking about the reliability and performance, you can consider it for official presentations. HDR compatibility with direct operability through USB port is very useful. Also, it can provide deeper black and a wider color gamut for more vivid picture and video quality.


Comparing the specs of the selected home cinema products, you will see a range between 2200 to 3000 ANSI lumens. Dell claims that their 4K projector comes with a 4000 lumens light source but I don’t know how that would perform in the ANSI standard. 2500 lumens should do the trick. However, one should choose something brighter in case of using it in a room with lots of sunlight.

Throw Distance

I have already said that 0.4:1 or less throw ratio gives us the green signal. You may start arguing about my selection in the low-cost section as it comes with a 1.3:1 ratio. But that is the sacrifice you make for spending less on home cinema budget models.

Other than that, other products on the list have some sweet numbers. For instance, you can check out LG HU85LA and Dell Advanced. They both got some impressive throw ratios allowing you to project large screens from an unbelievably close distance. Indeed, they are expensive, but it is worth enjoying the marvels of cutting-edge technology.

Sound Quality

If you are choosing one for business meetings or professional uses, you may not care much about the sound quality. Except, home theaters or movie-watching nights are not like that. So, I have placed a few on my list that have got a powerful and high-quality sound system. In fact, my top pick VAVA 4K deserves all your attention in this matter.


Here, I’m not talking about only the physical ports. You should also check out whether the preferred model comes with wireless connectivity. This way, it is possible to keep the setup neat and clean. It is not fair to still tolerate the jungle of wires in your living room. Also, laser projectors should have multiple USB ports.

Smart Projector

Not all projectors have an OS and give you the experience of a smart TV. However, the projectors on my top 5 picks reviewed below are smart with integrated apps, and all other convenient software packages.

Best Value 4K Projector : My Top 5 Picks

1. VAVA 4K UHD Laser  – Best Overall for Home Theaters


Key Features:

  • Compact and space-saving design
  • True 4K resolution with HDR10 features
  • A higher contrast ratio for vibrant details
  • Quiet operation with less than 32dB
  • Superior audio experience with lossless DTS-HD and Dolby Audio
  • More: 7 multimedia ports, above 88% luminance uniformity, Rec.709 color gamut, 2GB RAM, 32GB EMMC storage, motion detection, Bluetooth Remote, ALPD 3.0 technology

Check Price On Amazon

A good question would be, what are the reasons to choose the VAVA 4k ultra short throw projector as the best 4K laser projector for home theater? Higher contrast ratio, good sound quality, better brightness with ALPD 3.0, and great service life are a few reasons.

Moreover, the smart projector has got everything under its belt to ensure almost all types of connectivity you may possibly ask. A competitor product from Xiaomi is having a large audience due to the low price and almost similar features.

But you can easily notice the difference between them seeing the picture quality and hearing the sound. No matter whether it is day or night, you can rely on Vava 4k projector.

Furthermore, the setup is so easy that you will get going within a few minutes. Check out the latest VAVA 4k laser projector price and see if there is any discount offer.

Things I like

So, are 150” big screen, 60W Harman Kardon Speaker, at least 25000 hours long lifetime, and Android 7.1 System coming in a single cute box? Sign me up for a piece. With VAVA 4K UHD Laser TV home theatre projector, you can watch movies, give a presentation, or play games without any issue. Its design and functions would remind you of Apple products.

Things I don’t like

To be honest with VAVA 4K laser projector review, I say that it would be nice if the manufacturer has made it compatible with Chromecast or something similar. Also, it has some input lag issues while running some games. However, you won’t notice it in single-player mode. Other than that, there is nothing to complain about.

2. Bomaker 4K Ultra Short Throw – Space-saving Compact Design

Bomaker 4K Ultra Short Throw

Key Features:

  • 3-channel laser technology with wider color coverage and accuracy
  • Extraordinary 4K resolution with TI’s 0.47” DMD chip
  • 45% lower power consumption than traditional projectors
  • Built-in Dolby sound along with standby soundbar
  • Includes diffused light system for eye protection
  • More: No fan sound, up to 12-bit color reproduction, HDR10 enabled, EMEC for smooth action, low input lag, automatic brightness adjustment, wireless connection, several multimedia ports

Check Price On Amazon

More service life, a competitive price tag, extraordinary video and picture resolution, and low-noise are the things that customers love about it so much. However, the backdated operating system and the lack of proper support made me recommending it as the second-best.

Now, there are lots of good things about it. Its 3-channel laser technology supports wider color coverage that can give you up to 107% BT.2020. Moreover, its eye-protection system is very assuring.

Enough with the features and other stuff. I want to give you an honest Bomaker 4K ultra short throw projector review. So, check out the things I like and don’t like about this product.

Things I like

First of all, I have to give them credit for their amazing effort at making it less noisy than the top pick. Also, the safety features are worth your praise because it automatically shuts off the laser when someone in front of the device. Thus, no one can get their eyes damaged accidentally.

Things I don’t like

You may not be happy seeing an old Android system running the device. Also, poor quality speakers and the uncertainty of the support from the Bomaker team can take away the thrill.

3. LG HU80KA 4K UHD – Most Affordable Laser Projector


Key Features:

  • Smart TV enabled with a magic remote
  • HDR10 enabled with a high dynamic contrast ratio
  • TruMotion technology for smoother image
  • Wireless connectivity with screen share technology
  • A handgrip and auto reel cord for convenient cable storage
  • More: Quiet operation with less than 30dB, Bluetooth sound out, 2 HDMI ports, HDCP 2.2, automatic correction, versatile setup options.

Check Price On Amazon

Get ready for a cheap ultra short throw projector on the list that is not even half bad. You should know what you need to sacrifice before buying LG HU80KA 4K UHD Laser Smart TV Home Theater CineBeam Projector.

LG HU80KA is not an ultra short throw projector. With a 1.3: throw ratio, you can compare it to the regular ones. LG HU80KA throw distance is a minimum 40” projection from 3.6 ft away. However, that doesn’t mean that you are not getting a 4K laser projector for home cinema.

For the gamers, the software side comes with TruMotion technology for reduced LG HU80KA input lag and motion blur. Also, it supports HDR10 for more vivid images and vibrant color reproduction.

You should check out whether the discounted LG HU80KA price is still available or not. To complete the LG HU80KA review, know the following facts about the projector that I like and don’t like.

Things I like

The portable handle makes it very convenient. The unit runs very quietly which is rare in competitor models. In one segment, it is ahead of the previous projector. The operating system is up to date with lots of smart features.

Things I don’t like

Despite having an HDR feature, its performance in that mode is not very satisfactory. For center-obsessed people, the device’s placement can be annoying because sitting on the side is not acceptable. For such cases, other expensive 4K UST laser projectors are the only option.

4. Optoma CinemaX P2 – Smart Projector with Premium Soundbar

Optoma CinemaX P2

Key Features:

  • A High dynamic contrast ratio with HDR10 compatibility
  • Great color accuracy and brightness
  • Better light source life than competitors
  • High definition NuForce 40W soundbar
  • Auto geometry correction system for hassle-free setup
  • More: Operates quietly, Alexa and Google assistant integrated, USB media playback compatibility, supports online streaming services, wide color gamut, stunning color accuracy.

Check Price On Amazon

Do you know the reasons for selecting Optoma 4K laser projector? It has a great throw ratio with a powerful and bright laser projection system. Moreover, the light source life is more than its competitors.

For some better specs, I don’t think that the price is justified. Also, it has some downsides that I have discussed below. Those are the reasons, I couldn’t place Optoma P2 as the top 4K laser projector for a house or office.

I intend to do a complete and honest Optoma CinemaX P2 review. So, read the facts about the projector below and consider whether it is worth your money or not.

Things I like

From the specs at the beginning, you have probably guessed that the Optoma ultra short throw projector is brighter than the top pick. Also, it has more service life than Vava. It comes with a premium-quality remote and several smart integrations that would make your life easier.

Things I don’t like

Optoma CinemaX P2 is expensive indeed, but that is what you pay for a reliable device. The company is making projectors for years. Despite that and the lack of software support from the App Store, there is nothing much to explain.

5. LG HU85LA Ultra Short Throw – Expensive Projector with Bright Images

LG HU85LA Ultra Short Throw 4K

Key Features:

  • Smart TV projector with voice recognition
  • TruMotion technology with 3Ch light source
  • Several multimedia ports with Bluetooth speaker
  • Quiet operation making no more than 30dB
  • Compact size and easy to operate
  • More: HDR10 compatible, built-in Alexa, Miracast, and LG ThinQ AI, dynamic tone mapping, great color accuracy, up to 12-bit color reproduction, simple screen adjustments.

Check Price On Amazon

Let’s put an end to this 4K Ultra short throw laser projector review with LG HU85LA. If you have seen the listing on Amazon, you must be thinking that it should come with gold-plated components. Otherwise, why does it cost almost six thousand bucks, right?

LG 4K projector offers LG webOS lite that would give you exclusive access to their smart TV operating system. As a result, watching premium content from the most popular streaming services is no big deal on this device.

All products in this category come with HDR support. But they don’t have dynamic tone mapping frame by frame except for the LG ultra short throw projector. Thus, the videos look and feel more fluid.

Things I like

LG has a great reputation for making displays and it continues with the LG CineBeam HU85LA. Color accuracy, low-noise operation, ATSC Digital Tuner; you name it. sleek design, magic remote, and other smart features make LG CineBeam HU85LA a convenient device for a home theater.

Things I don’t like

LG HU85LA is more expensive than the top 4 models in this detailed review section. The missing lens shifting feature on this model can turn out to be troublesome while aligning 120”. Also, the lack of YouTube TV or Apple TV app support are concerning reasons.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a 4K UHD Laser Projector (FAQs):

What is the best 4K laser projector with HDR and USB?

According to my research, VAVA 4K is the best ultra short throw projector 4K in the market. It is also more popular than its competitors.

Is a 4K projector as good as a 4K TV?

The answer depends on the personal preference of different persons. But in general, video resolution of UHD TVs is still better than a UHD projector. However, the biggest benefits of laser projectors are their scalability and portability.

Do 4K laser projectors need a special screen?

To experience the true 4K experience, you should set up a special screen for watching 4K video content. However, it can work on any wall with a single color. The wisest move is to buy the best 4K projector screen.

Are laser projectors dangerous?

As laser can get very bright, you may wonder whether it is harmful to the eye. According to several studies, it is no more dangerous than a traditional lamp-based one. Unless you stare at the lens directly for a prolonged period, you have nothing to worry about.

What criteria make it an ultra short throw?

Where traditional projectors have a throw ratio of 1.5:1, a UST projector must have 0.4:1 or less. It means 1 sq. ft. of projection should be done from 4.8 inches. That is the characteristic of the best projectors with 4K video resolution. Set up one easily by adjusting it a few times for aligned video.
So, what do you think? You are not concerned about the setup, are you? Get the best 4K laser projector which is from Vava, and it wouldn’t be much of a hassle. There is still the option for the budget model, but my suggestion is to stretch the balance slightly more and get the best product. Samsung has brought some heat to the market by introducing their Premiere projector. Nonetheless, I don’t think what it is offering is not worth the price. Now, I don’t want to hurt the Samsung fans because it truly is an amazing 4K projector. If you have the cash, who am I to stop you, right? I rest my case, and the time has come to make a decision. Order one, watch your favorite show on it and let me know your experience in the comments.

Team Everything4K is a bunch of tech enthusiasts and researchers. The team is very interested in the relevant hardware and explain in such a way that reader can get the best experience of playing games in a 4K setup. You know that 4K is the future of display technology. And the credit of explaining rough and tough tech terms easily goes to Team Everything4K.

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