65” TVs have become a new norm. But are you fearing that the prices are way beyond your budget? And, 4K models must cost even more, right?

Well, you will be surprised to know how cheap they have become. Now, it is possible to buy the best 65 inch 4K TV under 1000 dollars. For setting up a home theater or watching movies on a large screen lying on your bed relaxed, there is nothing better than a 65” TV.

There are lots of models from various brands offering affordable UHD TVs. Among them, I have reviewed the 5 best 4K 65” TVs that one can buy without spending more than a thousand bucks.

have a quick look at all of my top-picked products below.

  1. TCL 5-Series 4K – Best Bang for Your Buck
  2. Sony X80J – Solid All-rounder Performance with Impressive Clarity
  3. INSIGNIA NS-65DF710NA21 – Most Affordable 65” UHD Fire TV
  4. SAMSUNG QLED Q60A – Latest QLED Technology at a Reasonable Price
  5. LG Real 4K LED – Suitable for Bedrooms with Crisp Clean Image

How Did I Pick?

When the size of the display is small, higher resolution TVs can’t show a significant difference in the image quality compared to lower resolution models.

That is why I always recommend getting a 4K TV when you are thinking about 65” models. But it is not a small investment. So, I picked the televisions from popular and trusted brands.

Also, I checked the features and specs carefully so that you can get the best video-watching experience. As the criteria for display resolution and budget range are fixed in this article, I have focused on other parameters.

It includes color accuracy, brightness, refresh rate, versatile application, builds quality, sound quality, connectivity, smart features, and many more. You can read detailed explanations in the buying guide.

You should make sure that your preferred TV supports the streaming service you like without any problem. Also, having a powerful processor is important to use the operating system and smart features with a fast speed.

After confirming all those factors, I have selected and reviewed 5 of the best 65” UHD TVs for your convenience.

How to Choose the Best 65 Inch TV Under 1000 (The Buying Guide)

By searching with the term “best 65” 4K TV under $1000”, I can see that you are already determined about the resolution and budget.

An ideal TV model that is suitable for you should not have anything less than 3840 x 2160 pixels, and there is no way to choose something beyond a thousand bucks.

After doing some market research by yourself, you will agree with my recommendations. Still, knowing the key factors can help you understand the selection process, and find the right one.

Refresh Rate

When you are watching a video or playing games, refresh rate plays a very important role. Low refresh rate results in blurry picture quality and distortions.

For consuming video content and playing mid-level games, 50 or 60 Hz is good enough. But go higher resolution if you are planning on using the TV as a PC monitor or playing high-end games like GTA 5.

Versatile Usability

Carefully go through the specs and features of the TV so that you can do different things on one device. Having smart TV features, wireless connectivity, multiple ports, and a higher refresh rate are the key aspects here.

Build Quality

It is not possible to tell how long your TV would last unless you have used it. But there is another way to tell. Read the comments section of a particular model in Amazon. The users of the TV will give you some valuable insights that can help you place an order confidently.

Sound Quality

I have to admit that the sound quality of these TVs won’t satisfy you. The powerful speakers get the job done. But they are nowhere near perfection.

It is the case for most televisions regardless of the brand. So, buying the best soundbar for a 4K TV separately is the wisest choice here.


Being loyal to a particular brand is not a bad thing. But you should remember that a certain manufacturer doesn’t have the best products in all segments.

What I want to say is that you should not blindly follow the brand you like. In this article, I have included products from TCL, Sony, Samsung, LG, and INSIGNIA.

All of them are big names in the 4K industry. Read the reviews carefully, and see which one gets close to your expectation. This way, you will be able to get the best bang for your buck.

5 Best 65 Inch TV Under 1000: My Honest Review

After completing my research, I found out that 1000 dollars are a very good budget to buy a 4K TV which has a 65” display. Hence, all of the models here are almost equally good regardless of their position on the list.

1. TCL 5-Series 4K – Best Bang for Your Buck


Brightness: 450 nits | Refresh Rate: 60Hz | Color Support: 8-Bit+FRC | Speakers: 8W+8W | HDMI Ports: 4 | Viewing Angle: 178° | Weight: 41.9 lbs. | Dimension: 56.9″ x 11.6″ x 34.9″

Key Features:

  • Supports Dolby Vision HDR
  • Smart Roku OS along with easy voice control
  • Different kinds of HDMI ports
  • Includes USB port and Ethernet cable
  • Built-in cable management system
 TCL 5-Series 4K

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Amazing picture quality, multiple ports, phenomenal contrast ratio, and good brightness are the reasons for choosing TCL 65S535. Another significant fact is its price. No other competitor brand can offer such features and performance under $800.

Image Quality

For the price point, TCL can only offer a VA panel. The problem with this display technology is that it doesn’t have a good viewing angle like the others. Overall, it is a level-up compared to the mid-tier TVs regarding picture quality.

Motion Handling

TCL 5-series TVs handle motion smoothly but you may notice slight blurriness with very fast-moving objects.


Due to having four HDMI 2.0b ports streaming 4K videos won’t be an issue. Also, the fourth port has ARC features.

Furthermore, Roku operating system along with several built-in apps make controlling and watching favorite shows a lot easier.

The Good

Affordable and premium image quality is a rare combination that you can find in this TCL 5-series UHD TV. Streaming online content is now easier because of its smart features. You will love the snappy Roku interface.

The Bad

HDR quality is not perfect like Sony or Samsung TV models on this list.

Summary: You should only consider buying TCL S535 for watching it in a slightly darker room. Under $800, you won’t find another 4K QLED TV with a 60Hz refresh rate and quick response time.

2. Sony X80J – Solid All-rounder Performance with Impressive Clarity


Brightness: 400 nits | Refresh Rate: 60Hz | Color Support: 10-Bit | Speakers: 10W+10W | HDMI Ports: 4 | Viewing Angle: 178° | Weight: 47.6 lbs. | Dimension: ‎57.63” x 13.38” x 31.88”

Key Features:

  • Powerful 4K HDR Processor X1
  • Natural picture quality with Triluminos Pro
  • Features MotionFlow XR and X-Reality Pro
  • Alexa, Apple Airplay, Google TV support
  • Smart hands-free control
Sony X80J

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Sony X80J is best known for its ability to reproduce the most realistic picture which no other brand can provide. If it was not for the price, I would have chosen it as the best 65 inch 4K TV under 1000 dollars.


Great color reproduction ability, maintaining color accuracy, and extra-wide viewing angle are the reasons people don’t mind paying some extra. Its Triluminos display technology ensures the quality as promised. 

Response Time

Compared to the previous model Sony X800H, this one has an improved response time which is less than 10ms. Gamers like its flicker-free backlight.

Easy Operability

You will love to try the new Google TV. The smart TV is capable of supporting voice control features for more convenient uses.

The Good

Because of built-in app support, you won’t have to buy an additional Apple or Google device for streaming. The sleek design and modernistic look make it a perfect fit for drawing rooms. A good amount of color saturation is the key to its amazing picture quality.

The Bad

It has a poor level of black resulting in dreadful contrast. Also, the features are not suitable for recent high-end games.

Summary: Besides using X80J as a TV for watching movies or playing games, you can also consider it as your PC monitor. However, go for the top pick in case of having a tight budget.

3. INSIGNIA NS-65DF710NA21 – Most Affordable 65” UHD Fire TV


Brightness: 350 nits | Refresh Rate: 60Hz | Color Support: 10-Bit | Speakers: 12W+12W | HDMI Ports: 3 | Viewing Angle: 178° | Weight: 50.7 lbs. | Dimension: ‎‎62.99” x 39.17” x 7.28”

Key Features:

  • HDR compatible UHD TV
  • Hands-free control with an Echo device
  • Smart features supporting favorite streaming services
  • 3 HDMI ports
  • Good-quality DTS Studio Sound system

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Having Fire TV built into the TV, and lots of user-friendly features, NS-55DF710NA21 has become a widely appreciated 4K TV.

Picture Quality

At first, seeing the quality of videos played on the newly set up TV, you may think that it is a total waste of money. But after some modification in the settings, you will see huge improvements.

Though the manufacturer tells it has a wide viewing angle, the real-life experience is not very satisfactory. As the display supports HDR10 and covers a wide color gamut, 4K contents look crisp and clear.


The thick bezels and plastic case do not look modernistic.


Among three, Insignia F30 has an HDMI port with ARC so that you can install an external soundbar. On the backside, 4 small holes feature a 200 x 200 VESA wall mount.

The Good

The integrated Fire TV operating system along with Alexa supports lots of smart home integration making your life easier. Another particular thing you would like about Insignia F30 is its wide sound-producing speakers.

The Bad

The lack of a good contrast ratio can be a deal-breaker for some.

Summary: If you are heavily invested in Amazon’s ecosystem, Insignia F30 Fire TV Edition will be the best affordable option.

4. SAMSUNG QLED Q60A – Latest QLED Technology at a Reasonable Price


Brightness: 425 nits | Refresh Rate: 60Hz | Color Support: 10-Bit | Speakers: 10W+10W | HDMI Ports: 3 | Viewing Angle: 178° | Weight: 48.1 lbs. | Dimension: ‎‎11.1” x 57.1” x 34.3”

Key Features:

  • QLED panel with Quantum Dot technology
  • Enhanced contrast utilizing Dual LED Backlight
  • Sleek and slim attractive design
  • Built-in Alexa supporting hands-free control
  • Quantum Processor providing smooth performance
SAMSUNG 65-Inch Class QLED Q60A Series

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No deals are better than this where you can get an OLED display at the price of an LCD. Samsung Q60A has more to offer. Let’s find out.


Under 1000, very few large 4K TVs are capable of providing such levels of brightness, deeper and richer colors with accuracy, and a faster response rate.

Because of the latest HDR supportability, Q60A can provide almost twice brighter as the same 65” Vizio 4K TV.

Smart Features

Netflix, Vudu, HBO Max, and lots of streaming services are available on Q60A. I like the minimalistic user interface that is easy to modify.


Like the previous one, it has 3 HDMI ports. But the difference is that one has eARC which is the latest version of the audio return channel. That is why the sound quality of the 4K television is extraordinary with external soundbars.

The Good

Besides low input lag, and get bright enough to perform well in various lighting conditions, the TV display deep blacks. This smart TV has all the integrated features to make controls more convenient.

The Bad

Display material can’t handle reflections as well as others.

Summary: Because of the high level of peak brightness, you can watch videos even in a well-lit room. For gaming, watching favorite TV shows, or using it as an alternative for a PC monitor, you can buy SAMSUNG QLED Q60A with full confidence.

5. LG Real 4K LED – Suitable for Bedrooms with Crisp Clean Image


Brightness: 350 nits | Refresh Rate: 60Hz | Color Support: 10-Bit | Speakers: 10W+10W | HDMI Ports: 3 | Viewing Angle: 178° | Weight: 48.1 lbs. | Dimension: ‎‎57.2” x 10.7” x 35.4”

Key Features:

  • Quad-Core Processor for more contrast
  • ThinQ AI and the Magic Remote
  • TruMotion 120 technology
  • Native 60Hz refresh rate
  • Built-in Bluetooth & Wi-Fi modules
LG 80 Series 65”

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For watching movies, I think Samsung is the best on this list. On the other hand, playing games or using it as a monitor alternative is best suited for LG 65” UHD TV.

Good Quality

Direct LED panel is capable of providing realistic video quality. LG Local Contrast ensures sharper and deeper contrast. And, the support for HLG and HDR10 is a plus.


Because of having 3 HDMI ports, you can connect multiple devices to the TV at the same time. Both wired and wireless connectivity options are impressive.

Audio Quality

Usually, sound systems in TVs are not very impressive, and LG is not any different. However, the powerful 20W speakers are slightly better than most of the competitor models.

The Good

Because of its low input lag and good response time, gamers like it as their PC monitor. Also, a good viewing angle and support for chroma 4:4:4 make watching live sports or playing games an amazing experience.

The Bad

It can’t fight against direct light making it unsuitable for well-lit rooms.

Summary: LG is a brand well-known for the quality of its displays. So, you can trust LG 65” 8000PUA.

Hisense ULED Premium – Great for Gaming with Alexa Compatibility Clear picture, vibrant color, 120Hz refresh rate, and low input lag are the reasons, lots of people have given positive feedback regarding gaming on it. This Android TV’s sound system is also very satisfactory. And, Alexa can make your life easier.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind Regarding 65” 4K TVs

Before you move on to the main review section, let me answer two very important questions. People often worry about the transportation of such a large package.

Will a 65 inch TV fit in my car?

Saying no to answer the question will be wrong. A big real-size SUV can easily fit a 65 inch 4K TV in it.

Place it in the SUV’s boot space and ask someone to help to hold it upright. This way, there will be no damage due to road bumps.

Usually, the dimension of the package is around 62 x 34 x 8 inches. The TV itself is not that big but such large packings are necessary to accommodate the protective foams and wraps.

Car owners with at least 800 liters of boot space can easily carry the TV. Anything smaller won’t be able to fit it.

If you want to know more, you can read this fine piece of article from FinestInfo. They have listed the models of cars that are suitable to carry large TVs. So, check it out.

How do you transport a 65 inch TV?

When you are ordering the TV from Amazon, you don’t have to worry about the packaging. The manufacturer or seller does a pretty good job using all the necessary padding and bubble wraps to protect the panel.

However, those who are going to move from one to another must keep a few things in mind while doing secure packaging for the 65” TV.

Firstly, start wrapping from the top. Then, do the center using at least two or three layers of good-quality bubble wrap. It will make a super protective layer over the sensitive display panel.

After that, you must add paddings to each corner; use foam. Finally, apply packing tape to make sure that the protective layers stay in place.

If you are going to place the TV on a flat surface of the truck, you will have to spread a blanket, and put the TV on it facing the screen upwards. The best way to carry your 65 inch UHD TV is by placing it on your car seat.

How far should you sit from a 65 inch TV?

Sony has a guide that gives us the standard viewing distance for 4K TVs. On that list, it is recommended to watch a 65-inch model more than 47 inches or 3.94 feet away.

What size room do I need for a 65 inch TV?

You have already seen the suggestion of Sony. But some experts recommend sitting no less than 8 feet away. To get the best watching experience, you can place the sitting location between 8 and 13.5 feet away from the 4K screen.

Now you have the measurements, and determining the room size won’t be difficult. Even if you own a small apartment, place the TV in a room at least 15 or 16 feet in length.

VIZIO 4K Smart TV – Perfect for Living Room Uses Excellent picture quality with affordable pricing is the main reason homeowners go for VIZIO when it comes to living room entertainment. It is a smart TV with easy mount and setup features. Just buying a separate soundbar can make your 4K movie-watching experience perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Should I buy a 65-inch TV?

The answer is definitely yes. Get some idea about their pricing from my reviews above, and see whether you can afford one.

Is 4K enough for 65-inch TV?

Yes, 4K is enough for such large TVs, and it is recommended not to settle for any less resolution in this size range. 2K or FHD TVs over 60 inches can’t give you enough clarity or a lifelike image.

How much should I pay for a 65-inch TV?

Spending somewhat between $800 and $1500 is considered a good investment in 4K 65-inch TVs. I have done that assumption based on the availability of tech and competition in 2021. And, estimations can change in the future.

Is it worth buying a 65-inch TV?

If you have enough budget and are willing to buy a 4K 65” TV, it will be worth every penny. OLED is the best panel technology to choose but they are very expensive. In that case, going for an LCD panel is the second-best option.

Is a 65 inch TV really 65 inches?

The truth is that a 65-inch UHD TV does not have the exact same measurement in real life. Usually, a display is measured diagonally, and all models have 65.5 inches screen. If you are thinking about width, it is approximately 57.25 inches.


So, which one do you think is the best 65 inch 4K TV under 1000 according to my list? TCL is slightly ahead in the race but other brands are not very far from getting picked as the best.

You may not agree with my selection and find some even cheaper models on the market. But those won’t be able to live up to your expectation. All 4K TVs are not capable of providing the real UHD experience.

That is why one should choose their products carefully. Let me know in the comments about your purchase and experience.


Team Everything4K is a bunch of tech enthusiasts and researchers. The team is very interested in the relevant hardware and explain in such a way that reader can get the best experience of playing games in a 4K setup. You know that 4K is the future of display technology. And the credit of explaining rough and tough tech terms easily goes to Team Everything4K.

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