Even with a tight budget, getting a Smart UHD TV is not a farfetched dream anymore. Let me tell you why. With the 4K technologies becoming more and more available, their prices have dropped. So, if you’re a gamer and buying a new TV, I don’t see any reasons not to purchase the 4K one. Besides, gaming industries are releasing products targeting this technology. Tell me why you should not be future-ready?

Now, not all the cheap 4K TVs are gaming-friendly. If you don’t do enough research there’s a high chance you might end up with one that has heavy input latency. Or the input ports that don’t support your favorite gaming console. Some of them have serious issues with the audio that can disturb you while gaming.

After much research, I have come up with the best budget 4K TV for gaming. All of them can kick up your gaming performance with brilliant features. Let’s get started.

Now Have a Quick OverView at all of My Top-Picked Products Down Below.

1. TCL 43S435 – Top-rated 4K TV for Gaming

Intuitive Roku TV, HDR, direct-lit LED, 3 HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2, 1 USB port, RF, headphone jack, optical audio out, voice search, mobile app support

2. Hisense 50A6G – Popular Low-cost 4K Smart TV

8.3 million pixels, Dolby Vision, HDR10, Auto Low Latency Mode, smart Android TV, built-in Google Assistant, VESA mount, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity

3. Sony X85 – Pristine Color, Light, and Detail

4K HDR Processor X1, MotionFlow XR, Native 120HZ Refresh Rate, TRILUMINOS PRO, supported all major streaming services, 4K X-REALITY PRO, Alexa, AirPlay 2, & Google Assistant compatible

4. SANSUI 43-Inch – Preferable for a Wide Viewing Angle

Smart Android TV features, supports all major streaming services, 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, AV-IN, earphone, RJ45, ATV& DTV, Optical, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Dolby Audio, Wall-mount option

5. Caixun EC43S1UA – Good Picture Quality with Chromecast

Compatible with HDR10 contents, 4k smart television, 1.5GB RAM, 8GB internal storage, ATSC / NTSC Tuner technology

Why Should You Buy Low-Cost 4K TV For Gaming?

If you are going to have a TV upgrade, there is no reason not to purchase a 4K. With the advancing technology, it’s becoming more available in the market and the price is dropping too. So, you can bag the best cheap 4K HDR TV for gaming without even breaking the bank.

With the HDR 10, HDR 10+ technology you are going to experience a noticeable visual improvement if your present gaming TV is FHD or HD. This even beats the SDR technology in the richness of colors and clarity.

The input lag plays a significant role in ensuring fluidity in gameplay. Getting a UHD can reduce the refresh rate and enhance the gaming experience like never before. A tight budget should not be an obstacle on the way to becoming a pro gamer. So, get yourself the best budget 4K smart TV for gaming.

How I Picked The Best Value 4k Tv For Gaming?

I have done extensive research about the UHD gaming TV with a reasonable price having all the necessary features for enhancing the gaming experience. Though the list for the search result was quite long you may wonder why I have reviewed only 5 of them.

It’s pretty obvious in low-budget the premium perks of the UHD TV won’t be available. But for the gamers, some features are crucial like less input lag and response time for smooth gameplay. Meeting the HDR standard was another criteria I was looking for the Best budget UHD gaming TV. This ensures crispness, better color details, and contrast. According to the customer ratings, all the 5 TVs I have reviewed passed all of these criteria with flying colors.

Apart from that, I considered quite a few factors too. For your convenience, I have described them below. So, you can rely on my choice and take any of them with full confidence.

How to Choose the Affordable 4K Gaming TV?

While choosing a TV for gaming there are certain criteria to look for even if you’re trying to stay within your budget. Never compromise these criteria or else the TV will cause you a headache instead of level your gameplay up.

Input Lag

When it comes to gaming lower the input latency higher the responsiveness. Why?

This indicates the time delay in milliseconds between your game controller and the display. In this article, I have ensured every model I pick has got the lowest input lag. So, you can trust me on this.

Frame Rate

This indicates the number of frames the monitor is producing each second. So, a higher frame rate is kind of crucial for smooth gameplay. It allows you to cope up with the swift movement of the player. Along with a higher refresh rate you see more visual information which you completely missed out on a display having a lower hertz refresh rate.

VIZIO models run at 120Hz and also support 120Hz from externally connected devices. So, if your console requires that you know which one to go for!

HDMI Inputs

Now coming to the HDMI input ports. More ports mean you can connect a bunch of your favorite games. That being said, the version is also important because the higher the version more bandwidth it allows to pass through. Most of the UHD TVs have the 2.0 version to support HDR content.

However, personally, I think 2.1 is more future-proof because gaming industries are making products targeting it. For example, the latest Xbox Series X requires the 2.1 version. So, if you’re owning or planning to buy that console, go for the VIZIO. Coming with a V-Gaming engine, it’s the best low-cost 4K TV for gaming Xbox Series X.

Full-Array Direct Backlight

Another premium feature that all the high-range and mid-range models offer. Full array dimming produces deeper darks and better contrast. This certainly brings remarkable visual improvement to your gameplay. Those who don’t like muddy darker tones on their display screen should try to increase their budget and go for the models that offer this feature.

LG, SANSUI, and VIZIO models offer you color uniformity across the screen along with brighter brights and darker darks.

Easy Navigation

Who wants a TV which has a complex interface, right? This is where the Roku TVs come into play. They have got a minimalist and intuitive interface that is easy to understand and use. The Hisense and TCL models have the Roku interface. Voice controls allow for a hands-free operation which makes navigation more convenient while playing games. These models also support voice commands from Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and Roku Voice.

LG’s Intelligent Editing feature will also allow you to customize the home dashboard as you like. So, you can keep your favorite apps first and effortlessly gain access to them.

Additional Features

Other than the ones I have mentioned above, I found some features to be quite useful for gamers. After confirming the previously stated criteria try to look for a built-in Chromecast if you want to play the games from your smartphone. And the owners of the iPhone or iPad should check if the model has Apple Airplay compatibility.

The 5 Best Budget 4K Gaming TV Reviews

Now that you have got a peek at my most favorite models let’s dive into further details about their features and gaming performance.

A Quick Overview

 TCL 43S435Hisense 50A6GSony X85SANSUI 55-Inch Caixun EC43S1UA 
Screen Size43”50”43”55”55”
Refresh Rate60Hz60Hz120Hz60Hz60Hz
Brightness210 nits300 nits500 nits250 nits
Response Time12ms6.5ms13.3ms6.5ms
Contrast Ratio3155:12400:16308:15000:13000:1
Weight16.5 pounds21.60 pounds23.60 pounds18 pounds16.50 pounds

1. TCL 43S435 – Top-rated 4K TV for Gaming

Key Specifications:

  • Screen size: 43”
  • Screen type: LED
  • Refresh rate: 60Hz
  • Contrast Ratio: 3155:1
  • HDR: HDR-10
  • HDMI Ports: 3 HDMI 2.0
  • Size: 16.5 pounds
  • Weight: 38.2 x 7.6 x 24.5 inches
  • More features: Wi-Fi, USB, Headphone Jack, Optical Audio Out, Roku, Voice Control, 23.3ms input lag
TCL 43S435

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Top-notch performance, high-end features, and the most affordable price; getting all of those things in a single gaming 4K TV is like a dream.

As TCL has made it possible, it has naturally got the highest position on my recommendation list. Now, let’s talk about the features in detail.

The brand TCL stands out from the rest of the competition by offering both expensive and affordable 4K TVs.

So, you can rely on their products even if you are buying an affordable 4K gaming TV from them.

First of all, consider the overall design of 43S435. The display has narrow and glossy bezels on all sides which are made of plastic.

The power and menu buttons are on the bottom making them easily accessible. What I don’t like is its remote controller which communicates using infrared.

That is why the remote can’t operate without being in the line of sight. To make up for the sacrifice, it comes with a built-in Roku app and support for countless streaming services.

Make sure to place the tv in a darker room because the brightness is not enough to deal with direct sunlight.

Summary: Because of having Roku functionality and necessary gaming features at a rock-bottom price, I consider TCL 4-series 43S435 as the best budget 4K gaming TV.


  • Costs way less than competitors
  • Provides a solid color range
  • Built-in support for lots of streaming services
  • Convenient wall mount
  • HDR support
  • Several connectivity options


  • Not-so-satisfactory contrast
  • Weaker greens

2. Hisense 50A6G – Popular Low-cost 4K Smart TV

Key Specifications:

  • Screen size: 49.5”
  • Screen type: LED
  • Refresh rate: 60Hz
  • Contrast Ratio: 2400:1
  • HDR: HDR-10, Dolby Vision HDR
  • HDMI Ports: 4 HDMI 2.0
  • Size: 21.60 pounds
  • Weight: 44 x 2.9 x 25.4 inches
  • More features: Auto Low Latency Mode, 6.5ms response time, built-in Google Assistant, VESA mount, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity
Hisense 50A6G

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In the second position, I have a more impressive 4K gaming TV than TCL. Spending almost 100 bucks more, you can get a lot better picture quality.

Because of its full-array LED backlight supporting almost 8.3 million pixels, you can see sharper and more lifelike pictures.

Also, you have to give some credit to the feature supporting Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10.

Besides the image quality, Hisense has also thought about the gamers. The Auto Low Latency mode ensures smooth and uninterrupted gaming all day long.

It is a smart TV with low power consumption saving you even more in utility bills. Using Google Assistant, you can operate the TV using voice commands.

Another big advantage is that one can connect the TV to their smart home system for more customized experiences.

On the backside, you will see 200*300 VESA mount holes for convenient wall installation.

I know that the refresh rate is only 60Hz but all other competitor models under $500 have the same specs.

Summary: Solid build quality and overall satisfactory performance make Hisense 50A6G a great value for the money. It may not be good for HDR content but you will be impressed with its SDR performance.


  • Low latency ensures smooth gaming
  • HDR support for realistic image quality
  • Smart intuitive android operating system
  • Supports all major streaming services
  • Satisfactory SDR performance


  • Questionable brightness and color gamut
  • HDR10 tone mapping needs lots of improvements

3. Sony X85 – Pristine Color, Light, and Detail

Key Specifications:

  • Screen size: 43”
  • Screen type: LED
  • Refresh rate: 120Hz
  • Contrast Ratio: 6308:1
  • HDR: HDR-10, Dolby Vision HDR
  • HDMI Ports: 2 HDMI 2.0, 2 HDMI 2.1
  • Size: 23.60 pounds
  • Weight: 38 x 11.38 x 22.25 inches
  • More features: Processor X1, MotionFlow XR, TRILUMINOS PRO, 4K X-REALITY PRO, Dolby Atmos, DTS Digital Surround
Sony X85

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On the third position, I have a premium 4K TV made by Sony. But it does not cost as low as others.

Those who are not ready to compromise picture quality or gaming features without spending more than a thousand bucks must buy Sony X85J.

At slightly over 600 dollars, you can get a UHD TV with a native 120Hz refresh rate.

Also, the powerful X1 processor and MotionFlow XR play an important role in ensuring smooth performance without downgrading image quality.

No other model on the list is capable of maintaining such smoothness and clarity of on-screen motion.

Moreover, it can provide richer colors and detailed contrast. The TRILUMINOS PRO technology in X85J deserves some credit for such qualities.

The X85J UHD gaming TV is also a smart device supporting various apps and streaming services. As a result, you can operate it conveniently using voice commands.

When it comes to design, Sony also aces by providing an ultra-slim shape and very thin bezels.

You will also like the peak brightness which is over 500 nits making it suitable for living rooms. One can enjoy their favorite content even in well-lit environments.

Summary: Particularly two features helped me confidently recommend Sony X85J; 120Hz refresh rate, and 2 HDMI 2.1 ports. The price is also a bit higher than the average budget 4K TVs for gaming, but it is worth every penny.


  • Supports Dolby Vision and HDR10
  • Impressive color reproduction ability
  • HDMI 2.1 ports
  • Good-quality remote controller
  • Gaming-friendly features and design


  • Comes with no local dimming

4. SANSUI 55-Inch – Preferable for a Wide Viewing Angle

Key Specifications:

  • Screen size: 55”
  • Screen type: DLED
  • Refresh rate: 60Hz
  • Contrast Ratio: 5000:1
  • HDR: HDR-10, Dolby Vision HDR
  • HDMI Ports: 3 HDMI 2.0
  • Size: 18 pounds
  • Weight: 48 x 28 x 5 inches
  • More features: 2 USB ports, Android 9.0, AV-IN, earphone, RJ45, ATV & DTV, Optical, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Dolby Audio, VESA wall-mount

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Very fast 6.5 response time, 178° wide viewing angle, and high 5000:1 contrast ratio are the reasons I have decided to recommend this 55” 4K TV from Sansui.

Moreover, you can get a larger screen size spending less than Sony X85. What you have to sacrifice are a higher refresh rate, more brightness, and better picture quality.

Those are also the reasons I couldn’t have placed it higher on the list. At the time of writing the review, I didn’t see any update on the Android version.

You should contact the seller before placing the order and make sure that it comes with the latest Android operating system. This will help you enjoy the benefit of using more advanced and useful apps.

You will like the TV for its Dolby sound and intuitive remote-control system. Lots of cheap televisions can’t provide good audio quality but this is an exception.

Furthermore, I want to mention the slim design of the 4K TV. You can put it on a table or mount it on the wall.

Because of its timeless design, it can fit any decoration. However, keep in mind that only 250nits peak brightness is not enough for providing clear viewing in well-lit rooms. A slightly darker environment is recommended.

Summary: Particularly two features helped me confidently recommend Sony X85; 120Hz refresh rate, and 2 HDMI 2.1 ports. The price is also a bit higher than the average budget 4K TVs for gaming, but it is worth every penny.


  • Several wired and wireless connectivity options
  • Affordable 55” 4K smart TV
  • Supports all popular apps and services
  • Built-in Chromecast
  • Both wall-mount and table-mount options


  • Short and undescriptive user manual makes it difficult to set up 

5. Caixun EC43S1UA – Good Picture Quality with Chromecast

Key Specifications:

  • Screen size: 55”
  • Screen type: LED
  • Refresh rate: 60Hz
  • Contrast Ratio: 3000:1
  • HDR: HDR-10
  • HDMI Ports: 3 HDMI 2.0
  • Size: 16.50 pounds
  • Weight: 37.7 x 22.1 x 3.5 inches
  • More features: ATSC / NTSC, Voice remote, Chromecast, Wi-Fi, 1.5GB RAM, 8GB internal storage
Caixun EC43S1UA 

Check Latest Price

Compared to competitor models, Caixun EC43S1UA is not offering anything unique. That is why I am reviewing and recommending it in the fifth place.

Besides its affordable pricing, there is nothing special about it. All other features and specs are available in other models reviewed on this list.

The first thing that attracted me was its thin bezels on all sides. The TV fits almost any room decoration.

Because of the wide 178° viewing angle, you can enjoy your favorite movies and shows comfortably. There is no requirement for sitting right in front of it.

The smart TV runs on Android-powered by an ARM CA55 Quad-Core processor. With the help of its 2T2R smart antenna technology, you can connect EC43S1UA to the internet via Wi-Fi.

When it comes to color reproduction and overall picture quality, this one from Caixun won’t be able to impress you.

The blacks are not very dark or other color spectrums do not have wide coverage. So, keep your expectations limited to a certain level to not get disappointed.

Summary: When you have no way of spending more than 400 bucks on a gaming 4K TV, you can consider Caixun EC43S1UA or Hisense. After comparing the features and performance, I think that Caixun has an upper hand.


  • Affordable and competitive pricing
  • Good picture quality
  • VESA wall-mount holes
  • Several connectivity options


  • Average processing power makes it slightly slower to operate
  • Hard-to-reach port placement on the back

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is a 4K TV worth it for gaming?

The latest 4K technology not just offers a stunning visual experience to the gamers but also lowers the refresh rate. As a result, the responsiveness increases in a noticeable way. On top of that, some of them have gaming engines to ensure smoother gameplay.

Can I trust these brands manufacturing cheap 4K TVs?

Well, not all of them. However, with the advancing technology UHD technology is becoming more available, so is the price of them. Especially, TCL, VIZIO, Hisense are some of the best brands for manufacturing affordable 4K TV. You can trust them with quality.

Will I be able to play PS5 games on these low-price 4K gaming TVs?

As most of the 4K TVs have a refresh rate of 60fps or more along with the HDMI 2.0 input port, you will be able to connect a PS5 gaming console and play with them.  


Of course, you won’t get the cutting edge display like the OLED or QLED ones from the high-end models. But with some research, you can surely bag yourself an affordable model with all the premium perks that are needed for smooth gameplay.

While Hisense has the most spectacular picture and sound quality which makes it the best cheap 4K TV for gaming. LG has got an IPS panel for wide viewing. TCL won the heart of users with rich colors, better contrast, and powerful audio. To be futureproofed, the VIZIO model introduces a V-gaming engine and the latest HDMI 2.1 connectivity. But if you just want a stable Wi-Fi connection grab Caixun it has 2T2R antenna technology to withstand transmission error and improve the speed.


Team Everything4K is a bunch of tech enthusiasts and researchers. The team is very interested in the relevant hardware and explain in such a way that reader can get the best experience of playing games in a 4K setup. You know that 4K is the future of display technology. And the credit of explaining rough and tough tech terms easily goes to Team Everything4K.

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