Xbox One X was the latest installment up until the release of Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. It was the one that pushed the limits of gaming graphics in Xbox. Although released in 2017, it still has enough juice left to play recent titles with ease.

The highlight of this console release was the 4K performance with HDR10. It not only ensures better graphics but also provides smooth gameplay. Although Sony had won the war with exclusive games, this console was released to beat PS4 Pro. By all standards, it did a good job.

As this device is 4K compatible, let’s take a deep dive and try to find the answer to the question ‘do you need a 4k tv for Xbox one x?’.

Xbox One X specs

Until Series X came into the scene, Xbox one x had the crown jewel as it was the most powerful one on the line. Its specs still stand strong to this day. Microsoft made a significant leap in performance with the release of this console. Xbox one x utilizes a custom eight-core 2.3Ghz AMD processor. The GPU can process data at 1172MHz with six teraflops of speed. It comes with 12 RAM and 1TB HDD.

With an 11.8×9.4×2.4 inches dimension, it was the smallest Xbox until Series S arrived. This console weighs 8.4 pounds and has a 4K/HDR Bluray drive. Not to mention alongside its competitor PS4 pro, it also comes with HDR support.

How well it Runs 4K

Although developers stated the CPU in this console causes a little bottleneck, it can and will 4K games with ease. Thanks to the 12GB ram and 6 teraflop GPU, Xbox one x renders games really well. But remember, the answer to the question ‘Does 4k TV work with Xbox one’ is a resounding no. It is easy to get lost in Microsoft’s weird naming scheme.

Depending on developers, the games with in variants like native 4K, HDR support, and 30/60 fps limit. Some games come with all those features; some come with a few. Besides native 4K, other enhanced games take advantage of its hardware.

At best, you could play 4K at 60 frames per second. It is not the machine that is limited, but it is in the hand of developers. Some devs choose to focus on graphics, and other focus on frame rates. However, as the console can play 4K at 60 fps with ease, you will get even better frame rates at lower resolutions.

4K Games Collection

Xbox One X has a great game collection of over 400+ titles. Most of them have native 4K support. Games that do not come with 4K support utilize other hardware features. They take advantage of HDR, better frame rate, graphical enhancement, and visual effects.

This console is still very relevant even after the release of fourth-gen consoles. It even beats Xbox Series S as Series S uses 4K up-scaling where it has native support. Although Series X is a different beast, Xbox One X provides decent performance for 4K gaming.

It has got all the popular titles in 4K. Franchises like Assassin’s Creed, Battlefield, GEARS, Forza, Doom, and other titles get released with native 4K support. Also, most of them utilize HDR and Dolby Atmos for better gameplay.

4K games collection of this machine very rich. There are only a handful of games that comes without 4K support. But do not worry; you will get 4K support for all recent and popular titles.

Do You Need A 4k Tv For Xbox One X?

Let’s address the burning question. Do you need to have a 4K tv for Xbox one x? The thing is, this Xbox is still pretty powerful by all standards. At best, you will get 4K at 60 fps. If you lower the resolution, you will get a better frame rate. If you have a question like ‘How big of a TV do you need for Xbox One X 4K?’, anything bigger than 32 inches would work.

You will need to consider two things. They are your playing style and refresh rate of the TV. On the plus side, 4K is too beautiful to be ignored. People usually do not come back to lower-res gaming from 4K resolution.

The downside is refresh rate plays a crucial role in competitive gaming. Even if you tone down your resolution, the tv might limit you to 60 fps even then. On the other hand, TVs with greater refresh rate are usually expensive. Take a look at this 4k 120hz tv if you want a higher frame rate lowering the resolution.

Those who just want to enjoy gaming should go for a 4K TV for their Xbox one x. There is no reason to cheap out on resolution when the device can perfectly handle it. If you are looking at competitive gaming, the answer depends on the balance between frame rate and budget.

Is It Worth The Money?

4K resolution is worth every penny it cost. You get to enjoy your games with more pixel density and details. The impeccable graphics alone make up the worth.

Beware, you will be locked at 60 fps at most for all the games in 4K. Some will only run at 30 fps. If you are not a frame rate snob, then a 4K tv is well worth the money. The reason is, 30 fps is decent enough to play games comfortably. Xbox one x without 4k tv would not perform up to its full potential.

Bottom line

We hope, by now, you already know do you need a 4k tv for Xbox one x. Although 4K gaming is great, it is the player’s satisfaction that has the highest priority. If 60+ fps is your top priority, you should think twice before jumping to the 4K wagon. If you still have questions like Does the new Xbox require a 4k TV? Or Does 1080p look bad on 4k? The answer to both questions is ‘Yes’.

In case you are one of those who appreciate graphics and happy with decent frame rates. You should definitely get a 4K tv for Xbox one x.


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