Key Points:

  • Running lower resolution on a higher resolution display is possible.
  • But doing so may not give you the best image quality because of improper scaling of the image.
  • The best image or video quality is achieved by matching the resolution of both the source and output display. 

1440p is also known as 2K. Because of the resolution difference, lots of people wonder, can I run 1440p on a 4k monitor?

The answer is yes, you can run 1440p or 2K content on a 4k monitor. A display device can show an image or video having the same or lower resolution but not higher.

In this article, I have tried to give you an idea about seeing lower resolution videos on a 4K monitor. Also, there are some facts that you will find interesting. Let’s get started.

Can You Lower Resolution On the 4K Monitor?

Yes, one can change and lower the resolution on their 4K monitor. And, you can turn it back to its native resolution without any problem.

For example, someone wants to play games and work on documents later on. He/she can set the resolution to 1080p while gaming.

After that, change the monitor’s resolution back to 4K or 2160p, and do other official tasks easily.

One thing you should keep in mind is that lowering the resolution may result in a slight wash-out image quality as it is not it’s native setting.

Can I Run 1440p On A 4k Monitor?

You have already got the answer; yes, you can run 1440p or 2K videos on a 2160p or 4K monitor.

But the real question is, should you do it? Or, what will be the difference?

I have found the perfect answer from a user who has used both a 1440p and a 4K monitors to try out different resolutions.

You can get the best result or image quality when the display device is showing images or videos of its native resolution.

What I mean is that use a 1440p monitor to play 2K games or use a 2160p monitor to play 4K games.

Whenever you are lowering the resolution, 1440p on 4k here, the images lose their sharpness.

And, objects look slightly blurry because of improper upscaling. From the numbers, I have come to know that 4K is not exactly double 2K.

That is why the pixels are not evenly distributed, hence, the blurry image. Let me give you a comparative overview in the table below for a better understanding.

ResolutionAspect RatioPixel Count (W x H)
Full HD (FHD) or 1080p16:91920 x 1080
Quad HD (QHD) or 1440p or 2K16:92560 x 1440
Ultra HD (UHD) or 2160p or 4K1:1.93840 x 2160

Pixels in both width and height are not exactly double as the previous resolution type.

That is the reason it is not in the best interest of the users to run 1440p on a 4K monitor or TV. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does 1440p look blurry on a 4k monitor?

The reason for looking at 2K contents blurry on a 4K monitor is that the display can’t scale correctly. As the resolution is not evenly divisible by the 2160p pixel count, this problem arises.

Can a 4k monitor run 1440p at 144hz?

It is not possible to run something at 144Hz on a 4K monitor because the display has a native refresh rate of only 60Hz.

Why does 1440p look better than 4K?

It is hard to answer questions like this one. For some reason, some users may think like that but the data doesn’t approve the claim. Because of having a higher resolution, 4K will always ace but the difference will only be visible at certain setups.

Bottom Line

Have you understood the answer to the question, can you use a 4k monitor at 1440p?

I hope that you have, but don’t feel hesitant to ask any more questions in this regard. I’ll try to answer in my busy schedule.

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