Key Points:

  • RGB full range means setting the level from 0 to 255 which is necessary for gaming applications.
  • RGB limited means setting the level from 16 to 235 which is necessary for watching movies.
  • Both are important; read this article to know which level your monitor is at and how to change the settings.

You have probably been using your monitor for a long time with the default settings. But do you know whether it is using RGB full range? And, how to check if monitor is full range of RGB?

One can check the RGB level and set it to full range through the monitor’s menu. And, you can do those steps without any expert help.

Read this article to know more about the RGB range, its importance, and use cases. Because following something blindly without proper reasons is not logical. Let’s get started.

What Is RGB Full Range?

The standard RGB, or sRGB or just RGB has a range from 0 to 255.

It was originally developed in collaboration with Microsoft, HP, Intel, and other companies.

Here, 0 means the highest black, and 255 means the absolute white. And, there are exactly 253 shades in between the range.

On the other hand, there is a term called limited RGB which limits the range from 16 to 235. It has 16 levels of offset in the lower range and 15 in the higher.

Why Is RGB Full Range Important?

Full RGB gives the image its original form which is very important in gaming as every single detail matters.

That is why monitors by default come with a full range. But you have already got an idea about the limited range which is also important.

For moviemakers, limited RGB is necessary because they hide things in the darker regions of the movie.

If your monitor or TV shows a full RGB range, it will not be pleasant to watch movies anymore; especially horror movies.

Now, you know that both are equally important. But there is a problem with running full range on monitors.

In case of viewing something from a limited RGB source on a full range monitor, you will see crushed black levels.

Pro Tip: Use both options alternatively as seeing full RGB through a limited range option can give you a washed-out image.

How to Check If Your Monitor Supports Full RGB Range?

To know the current state of the RGB range and set it to full or limited, you will have to follow the instructions below.

1. Firstly, you have to keep in mind that both your display and source device needs to be on the same page.

What I mean is that changing the RGB range settings on one end won’t have the desired effect.

If you are playing games on your PlayStation, Xbox, or desktop, you will have to see the video output option of those devices, and set things accordingly.

2. Finally, set the desired range (full or limited) on your monitor through the main menu settings.

Different monitors have different settings and navigation systems. That is why I am not giving any particular instruction but a general one.

Searching how to change the RGB range by mentioning your monitor model will give you the solution.

For example, you have installed an Nvidia driver on your PC. Go to the navigation tree of the software, click on display options, and then Change Resolution.

After that, select the display device, click on output color format, and select RGB. There you will see two options.

One is Full (0-255), and another is LIMITED (16-235). Finally, click on Apply button.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are all monitors RGB full?

By default, all manufacturers sell their monitors with the RGB range set to its full.

How do I set my monitor to full RGB?

From the monitor’s drop-down menu, find the output color format, select RGB, and set the range to full (0-255).

How do you calculate RGB range?

If you are a PS4 user, you can find it from the device’s settings. Go to the sound and screen option, then video output settings, and select RGB range. You will find your desired data there.

What is the HDMI RGB range?

The maximum HDMI RGB range starts from 0 and ends at 255.

Is sRGB full RGB?

The answer is not very simple. sRGB is the result of Microsoft’s and HP’s combined effort. It has certain pros and cons that you can read from this article.

Bottom Line

So, how do I know if my monitor supports full RGB range? I think that you have got your answer from the above discussion clearly.

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