One of the most common problems that often LG monitor users complain about is the sudden appearance of OSD Lock On their LG monitor.

But are you aware of what the term OSD stands for or how exactly it works on your LG monitor?

OSD stands for On-Screen Display and is an on-screen configuration menu or control panel option that typically includes your LG monitor’s calibration options like contrast, brightness, color, vertical or horizontal adjustments.

In today’s article, I will explain everything one needs to know about the LG monitor’s OSD Lock to operate their monitors with more ease-

What Is “OSD Lock” On LG Monitor?

In LG monitors, the OSD functioning button is Labeled as “OSD Lock” and by turning it On or Off you can either lock or unlock the OSD option.

The OSD or On-Screen display of your LG monitor is a control panel, which allows you to select viewing options where you can adjust your LG monitor display by rearranging color, contrast, and brightness level or adjusting the horizontal and vertical positioning.

What Does “OSD locked” on My LG monitor mean?

It allows you to change the custom display settings during booting. 

The OSD LOCKED or UNLOCKED function of your LG monitor will mainly help you to lock the current display control settings to prevent inadvertent setting change troubleshooting issues.

Where Is The OSD Button Located On The LG Monitor?

In general, one can activate their OSD function on their computer monitor by pressing the buttons on the bottom of the monitor.

But monitor to monitor the positioning of the OSD controlling button might vary. To access your LG Monitor’s OSD Menu, look over the button located on the front or side of your LG monitor.

You can also find the OSD or OSD lock button on the bottom of the right side or to the right side of your Escape key on the LG Laptop or monitor’s keyboard.

How To Operate Or Use OSD On My LG Monitor?

You can activate the OSD menu of your LG monitor by pressing the Main Menu button located on your monitor’s front or side. Once it appears on the screen, you can navigate through the menu.

By using the Up or Plus (+) and Down or Minus (-) buttons, one can make the changes or preferred adjustments.

Although the On-screen display function can vary between monitors, most still include the standard brightness and contrast controls.

Some LG monitors contain more advanced color controls, where you are even allowed to calibrate individual red, green, and blue (commonly mentioned as RGB) settings.

Even some LG monitor models allow users to adjust the positioning setup. LG monitors, which come with built-in speakers, will allow you to calibrate the audio adjustments.

However, if you own an LG flat-screen monitor like the LCD or LED ones, remember it will contain fewer adjustment choices since flat screen motors have a more consistent screen position than the older LG CRT monitors.

Recently, some newly released LG monitors even allow the customer to do the adjustments through an OSD software interface.

So, depending on which type or model of LG monitor you own, the operation will slightly change.

What Is OSD Lock on LG TV Screen?

If you own an LG TV, you must have noticed the option “OSD Lock” which also stands for On-screen display, and this function will allow you to control or adjust visual calibration choices such as channel lineup as well as picture and audio settings.

You can turn the OSD Lock on or off by pressing the button Up or Down on your remote.

Additionally, the “OSD Lock” option on LG TV will also let you view program information, search for different programs, or put selective channels under parental control mode.

To access your LG TV OSD option, press the menu button, then go to the OSD subsection. But in some remote, you can directly press the OSD Lock button located in the front control panel of the TV remote.

But remember, The TV On-screen Display or OSD functions are turning into increasingly complex and interactive options.

So, by the time you are reading this article, the attributes of OSD on your LG TV might be upgraded or changed a little bit.

What Does the OSD Locked “Out” or “Off” On LG Monitor Mean?

Most manufacturers design and build computer monitors with the OSD lockout feature, which mainly preserves monitors those custom display settings.

Often LG monitor users get concerned when the OSD Locked Out or Off indication pop up, and their monitors’ buttons turn non-responsive.

This incident mainly appears if someone knowingly or unknowingly holds the OSD button for a minimum of 10 seconds.

However, this default feature was designed to protect your monitor’s display settings so that the settings do not get changed accidentally.

How To Fix or Unlock the LG Monitor’s OSD Lock?

When the “Locked”, “Locked off” or “Locked out” message pop up, it prevents the user from even changing any of the monitor’s settings, including turning off the message notification.

In general, if it occurs due to something getting pressed against it, release the menu button first. Then, press and hold the button again for at least 10 seconds.

Still, you can try the following solutions whenever the Lockout message pops up accidentally, and one of these will surely work with your LG monitor model-

Solution One:

First, plugin your LG monitor and power it up. Now, press and hold down its Power button until you see the OSD Unlocked message popping up. But if the problem remains the same, unplug your monitor and wait at least 20 seconds to try again.

Solution Two:

The next fixing method is turning on your LG monitor and holding down the Menu button for at least 10 to 20 seconds until the OSD turns unlocked.

Solution Three:

Another way is to turn off your LG monitor and press down the Menu button. Then turn on the monitor and 10 to 20 seconds.

Solution Four:

If none of the earlier-mentioned solutions works for your monitor, check the menu button whether it is in the pressed-in position or not. If that is the situation, you have to open your monitor up to release the button.

But this particular fixing solution will be tricky, and you have to be an expert at this kind of task to open your monitor. That’s why I highly suggest either following the instruction manual guide of your LG monitor model or contacting a computer mechanic.

Besides that, for new HP monitor users, kindly visit to fix the HP OSD Lockout problem.

In case you own an Acer monitor, visit and for Dell users, I recommend visiting

What Does “OSD Timeout” on LG Monitor Mean?

“OSD timeout” that often users notice on their LG monitors is refers to the time duration between the moment one stops using the OSD menu and the moment when the menu disappears.

What Does the OSD “Hold Time” Means on LG Monitor?  

The “OSD Hold Time” on any LG monitor option allows you to set the time limit or length of how long the OSD will remain active from the moment you set it.


Hopefully, by now, you already got the answer to the most commonly asked query: what is OSD lock on LG monitor.

For your better understanding, I have also briefly answered other related questions. So that you no longer have to wonder about any LG monitor’s OSD lock issues.


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