If you’re thinking of changing your monitor, you’re probably wondering about 4K or 144hz monitors. The type of monitor you should buy solely depends on your purpose. There is no point in paying for some extra feature that will never come in handy for you.

If you’re not a tech geek, you might not know the difference between 4K vs 144Hz. In short, 4k is the resolution of the monitor or tv and means how crisp your image will be on the screen.

On the other hand, 144hz is the refresh rate which is mainly a feature for gamers. It enables smooth gameplay and provides a better watching experience on moving objects.

To simplify things for you, I’m here to answer your queries. In this article, I have comprehended every detail that you need to know before purchasing your next monitor. Going through this article will help you a lot while buying.

4K Vs 144Hz- A Detailed Comparison

4K is a resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels. The pixel of a 4k resolution is twice the resolution of 2K. Usually, the resolution of 2k visuals is 2048 x 1080. Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) considers 4K as a production standard.

144 Hz means the display will refresh 144 times in every second for showing a new image. The refresh rate greatly influences your image quality. You can enjoy some solid gaming content with a refresh rate of 144 times per second.

For Gaming

Gaming contents become a bit more fascinating when you have a stunning monitor with worth-praising picture quality. There are some games where visuals and the aura are the prime focus of the gaming content.

And some of the games require only your performance level. For having a lucid experience, some people swear by perfect contrast and picture quality. And some feel the refresh rate matters the most in the gaming world.

According to my research, whether you should go for 4K or 144Hz depends on what type of game you like to play. If you’re someone who likes to sit back and relax while gaming, I suggest you get yourself a 4K monitor. And for fast-forward, sports games 144Hz resolution is a must. But overall, 4k is a better option for gamers.

For Editing

The amount of pixels in 4K resolution is around 1080p or more than that. This resolution seems to be widely adaptive on TVs and monitors. Such resolution ensures extraordinary performance with convenient yielding. If you are an editor, 4K resolution will make a great difference in your workflow. 4k resolution also eases the process of multitasking for you.

While comparing 1440 p with 4K resolution, I can assure you that 4K resolution has superiority over 1440p. 4K resolution comes with more pixels that are superior for its technical distance. As the screen real estate of 4K resolution is 4X better than 1080p, you can go for it.

In terms of video or photo editing, you don’t need a 144hz display honestly. Using a 4k monitor will let you enjoy your video editing work on a 1:1 scale! These monitors boost the process without making you scroll for hours. And you can enjoy high-quality results using such a resolution while working.

Does Screen Size Matter?

If you think screen size and screen resolution are the same things, you’re wrong. Screen size is just the physical measurement of the monitor you’re working with. It has nothing to do with the resolution. Your screen can be 15”,21”,34”.

You can have two different gadgets with the same resolution. The larger screen will portray a larger image. But that will provide you a blurrier picture because of the pixel density. The screen size won’t manipulate the resolution.

And if you have two different monitors with different resolutions, the higher resolution screen tends to have more fitted in one screen. But the smaller screen will have sharper picture quality.

However, there is no significant difference in screen size in terms of 144hz refresh rate. But a bigger 144hz screen always provides a better content viewing experience.

Is 4k or 144hz Better?

The debate about 4K vs 144Hz is nothing new. Many of my customers come up with a question, which one is better? 4K or 144Hz?

The question itself is inappropriate. Neither 4K or 144hz is better than each other. It depends on the user and their purpose of usage that makes a variety better than the other one. The quality of these two preferences depends on your purpose of buying.

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Here I have cleared all your confusion about 4K vs 144Hz. I have brainstormed for hours to collect appropriate information. I have also been through a painstaking filtration process to select which answers are more relatable. I hope this article helps you on the journey of working with resolutions and picture quality.

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