If you are space conscious while using a monitor, it is common sense to get a bigger one. But the problem is the resolution. A 4K 32-inch monitor will offer you much better quality and experience than a 1080p 32-inch monitor. Because 4K provides 4 times the pixel of 1080p resolution.

These monitors are better suited for all sorts of work. Especially if you ever wondered do you need a 4k monitor to edit 4k video? These high-resolution monitors are the way to go. If anyone asked, ‘do you need a 4k monitor to edit 4k video?’, we will be answering shortly.

What Is The Main Difference?

The main difference is resolution. 4K monitors come with 3840×2160 resolution. It is 4 times the resolution of regular resolution. As they say, with great resolution comes larger monitors. Due to the resolution difference, you could pick a much larger screen size yet have better pixel density than standard monitors. So, the picture quality will be excellent. 

This difference basically answers to your question, ‘do I need a 4k monitor for video editing?’ For the best experience, yes, you should get one.

Do You Need A 4k Monitor To Edit 4k Video? The Answer:

Better Gaming

2021 has been the year of the gamers. Alongside PC, now consoles have great support for 4K resolution. Xbox Series X and PS5 will be able to run games at 4K at 60fps from now on. Also, the newest Nvidia and AMD graphics cards have pushed the limit of 4K gaming. It is noteworthy to mention these gaming monitors come with minimum input lag.

If you have enough cash and want the best of the bests, then a monitor with a 144hz refresh rate will be the icing on the cake. Alongside excellent resolution, now you will have a great response. 

Most 4K gaming monitors come with FreeSync or G Sync that allows variable refresh rate. As a result, you will get the most stable frame rate without screen tearing. So, these monitors will be able to juice out the best performance from your PC or the console to the maximum.

Other than that, the level of immersion these monitors provide is off the charts. The colors are truly intense, and you will get better overall clarity and quality image.

Professional Video Editing

When the first monitor with 3840 x 2160 resolution came to the market, the price was high. It was around 2013, but it is no longer the case. Now you could get one, and it will cost only 150-200 dollars more than the standard monitors. For this reason, more and more consumers are adapting to 4K monitors.

These monitors are a great alternative for video editing as well as photo editing. Nowadays, most of the consumer content comes with 4K resolution. From movies to YouTube streams. It is not that you won’t be able to edit video on an FHD monitor. But, the color accuracy and color grading on these monitors will be off the chart.

On top of that, you will be able to see your end product from the viewer’s eye. Therefore, you will be able to make your content just perfect. On the other hand, FHD monitors won’t allow you this luxury.

So, 4k video editing monitors will help you immensely to stay on top of the competition. It also goes for photo editing too. So, if you ever asked yourself, ‘do I need a 4k monitor for photo editing’. The answer is YES; you should have one.

Entertainment Value

A 4K monitor would the crown jewel if you want to make a home theatre. The color reproduction on the screen will be visually appealing. Especially if you are a fan of 4K digital contents or blue ray. You will need an ultra HD monitor that runs at 3840 x 2160 resolution for the best viewing experience. 

If entertainment is your sole purpose, then do not worry about the refresh rate at all. Go for the ones that offer HDR. With a high dynamic range at 3840 x 2160 resolution, the pictures will be life-like.

FYI, you make the home theatre really great; you will need a sound system too. To be frank, the built-in audio of this monitor is nothing compared to the external sound system. Also, do not forget to use appropriate cables for optimal performance.

Productivity Boost

These monitors also come in ultra-wide variants. Which means you could use them without a dual or triple monitor setup. Some monitors can even take multiple inputs and show them on different portions. It will really help you to avoid messy cable management and the pain of multiple monitors.

When buying 4K, always go from 32 inches and higher; otherwise, eyes won’t tell much difference. The main advantage of the larger monitors is they offer a lot of space.

While these monitors even offer better picture clarity. No matter what type of environment you code on. Be it dark or light; you will always have on the windows in front of your eyes. Some monitors even utilize sRGB technology. So, you will be getting the best contrast and color. You would not have to focus on the text; the texts will focus on you. 

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Bottom Line

If you are yet to take the test of 4K, you should not wait any longer. Once you have tested it, there will be no way back. The key features between these monitors and regular ones make a huge difference.

If there is still the question in your mind, ‘do you need a 4k monitor to edit 4k video’. The answer is, it’s not like that you must need a 4K monitor; it is more like you definitely need a 4k monitor.

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