Cleaning your monitor screen is important for every task; especially for editing and designing where colors need more attention to detail. But do you know how to clean 4K monitor properly?

It involves using soft chemicals, specific types of cleaning materials and maintaining several safety parameters. You are about to know all of them in a minute.

I have explained the steps very clearly so that you don’t have to know how to clean monitors with other different resolutions. You can apply almost the same procedures and methods. Let’s find out.

Importance of Cleaning Monitor Screens

Many of us don’t take cleaning monitors seriously or end up wiping them with harsh fluid from the cleaning kit and ruining it. Keeping it dirt-free is necessary if you want it to run well for a long time.

Again, if you’re suffering from dust allergy, then sanitizing the screen and keyboard is even more crucial because these are the highest touched areas. These parts of your laptop or pc have more bacteria than you can ever imagine.

If you own a delicate high-resolution monitor, it’s more important to keep it dust-free and clean it right. So, let’s get to know the dos and don’ts of cleaning the screen. After all, ignorance isn’t always bliss!

Safety Cautions Before Cleaning Up The 4k Monitor

Before you get into knowing how to clean a monitor screen, here are some factors that you must keep in mind.

Firstly, turn the power off, and disconnect the power cables. Also, make sure the monitor has cooled down. Wear gloves if you’ve got sharp nails to avoid putting scratches on them. Then, tidy up your workspace. Get rid of any liquid that can spill over the monitor while you clean it.

These are the things you should avoid cleaning your display with if you don’t want to ruin it:

  • Window cleaner
  • All-purpose household cleaning solution
  • Cleaning agent containing ammonia or alcohol
  • Abrasive pad
  • Paper towel
  • Cloth towel
  • Rugs or Old t-shirts
  • Baby wipes

As we’ve listed out so many things on how to clean 4k Monitor; maybe you’re thinking – what should I clean my 4K monitor screen with? Well, jump into the next section to get the answer!

The Best Way To Clean The 4k Monitor

Keeping your monitor clean isn’t hard. You might be wondering, What household product can I use to clean my computer screen?

Well, keep these readily available near you:

  • Dry microfiber cloth
  • Distilled water
  • A bowl
  • White vinegar

Also, it’s nice to have canned air. This thing works wonders to get rid of dust from the computer monitor.

If you have a touchscreen monitor, then it’s easy to have fingerprint stains on it. Don’t panic and ask, how do I remove smudges from my 4K monitor? Follow these simple steps on how to clean 4k Monitor:

  1. Take a bowl. Mix distilled water and white vinegar in a 1:1 ratio. It’s the best monitor cleaner because vinegar kills any germs on it. Again, it’s safe on the anti-glare coating on the matte screen too.
  2. Soak a lint-free soft cloth in the cleaning solution. Use a clean microfiber cloth. It’s soft and lint-free. Wring any excess thoroughly. If you don’t the liquid may drip into the laptop screen frame and damage it.
  3. Wipe the screen in a downward motion. Start from the top and gently go to the bottom. Avoid wiping in a circular motion. Don’t press hard. It might ruin the display.
  4. Now, wait for it to dry. Or simply wipe it off with a dry cloth.

Ta-da! You’ve got yourself a nice and clean monitor. Now enjoy stunning clarity after you turn it on.

Notes for Cleaning Up LCD Monitors

Now, if you own a LCD monitor, you have to be very careful about certain things. Because they are delicate and sensitive to some cleaning products. You don’t want to ruin it unknowingly, do you?

Check the things of what not to do while cleaning your LCD screen:

  1. Don’t clean the screen while the power is on.
  2. Cleaning while it’s still hot is forbidden.
  3. Never spray or pour liquid directly. It may drip down into the bezels and a dead pixel can appear. Use a damp cloth after wringing out the liquid residue.
  4. LCD is super sensitive to acetone, toluene, methyl chloride, ethyl acid, rubbing alcohol, and ammonia-based cleaning fluids
  5. Don’t use glass cleaner. They contain ammonia, which might cause harm to the anti-glare coating on your screen.
  6. Using disinfecting wipes is a big no-no. Lots of people want to know that are Clorox wipes safe for monitor? The answer is no. The active
  7. Don’t press hard while cleaning. Be gentle and wipe it in one direction from top to bottom.

How to Clean Monitor Screen Without Streaks?

I have heard a common complaint about seeing streaks after cleaning the monitor screen. It can happen if you don’t follow a proper method. Here, I am about to show you the most effective methods to remove those streaks.

Before I begin explaining the steps, let me give you the list of necessary items required in this process. Arrange distilled water, white vinegar, microfiber cloth or cotton rag, a spray bottle, and an eyeglasses cleaning tool.


  • First of all, prepare a solution of vinegar and distilled water in the spray bottle maintaining a 50/50 ratio.
  • After that, spray the chemical onto a dry and clean microfiber cloth. Here, you can use an old cotton T-shirt too. However, avoid paper towels, tissue, or toilet paper at all costs.
  • Finally, use the moist cloth to wipe across the display in a circular motion. Keep doing it until you are sure that no areas are missed.

And, make sure to turn off the power before performing all those steps. It is a matter of safety.

How to Clean LG 4k Monitor?

Before cleaning it always read the user manual to check the manufacturer’s instructions. Some of you might be wondering, can you use isopropyl alcohol to clean a 4K monitor? Also, can I use Clorox wipes on my computer screen?

Well, these displays are much sensitive, unlike the CRT screens. So, don’t clean the computer screen with alcohol or Clorox wipes on computer monitor. It’s corrosive and can strip off your anti-reflective coat. Again, it can cause clouding too!

You may ask, then what should I clean my monitor screen with, and how to clean monitor screen?

Use a clean cloth and distilled water. We prefer you to use the micro fiber cloth that usually comes with your reading glass.

If there is a stubborn stain, we suggest wiping it with diluted white vinegar. Thin it down by mixing it with water in a 50/50 portion.

The previously given steps are the safest practice to clean a monitor. Follow them. Still, some owners wonder while reading about how to clean a 4K monitor, can you use Clorox disinfecting wipes on computer screens? Again, one must not use Clorox wipes on the LCD screen or Clorox wipes on the monitor.

How to Clean Samsung Monitor?

Cleaning a Samsung monitor is not any different than the methods explained in the previous section (for LG monitors) or the common procedure.

Among several ways, Samsung recommends using white vinegar and distilled water to get the best and most effective cleaning.

If you follow the steps I have showed in the section about cleaning a computer monitor without leaving streaks, you will be doing it properly.

Sanitizing Or Disinfecting Wipes, Which One To Choose?

If you’re a clean-freak or have a dust allergy, then you get prompted to use an easy solution. Not every time you’ll have the patience to prepare the vinegar solution, we understand.

Are Clorox wipes safe for monitors? Knowing the answer is a must for those who are thinking about using Clorox disinfecting wipes on computer screen. Only if your screen is glass protected. Rub it gently with Lysol disinfecting wipes.

You can use monitor wipes instead. They dry super quickly. It’s even better if can you use a microfine clean cloth and spray the best monitor cleaner.

Do you notice a glossy finish on your display? Never use disinfecting or sanitizing wipes then. It will wear away the thin outer film on your computer screen.

Final Words

Now that you’ve known how to clean 4k monitor right, keep it nice and sanitized always. Don’t be lazy and wipe it with anything you can get your hands on.

Because nowadays, screens are super sophisticated and sensitive. And you don’t want to ruin the monitor which you’ve bought with your hard-earned money.

So, follow our cautions and never regret it. Also, don’t forget to check out our another article on How to Clean 4k Tv Screen.

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