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Guide on How to Clean 4k Tv Screen Safely

You might be so excited after buying the new tv that you completely forgot about the cleaning part. After one or two weeks, the dust may have reminded you to clean it properly for the very first time. But you do not know how to clean 4k tv screen the right way?

Well, then, you are in the right place.

How to Clean 4k Tv Screen in 5 Ways

Many of us used to have old tube television, and it was flexible when it comes to cleaning. Because the screen was made of glass. But nowadays television companies are making tv screen out of LCD, LED or OLED to give us a completely new and realistic experience. That affected the cleaning process as well. Let’s see how to properly clean 4k tv screen.

Start with a Soft and Lint-Free Cloth

First thing first, when the question appears how to clean sharp 4k tv screen, you need a cloth that is soft, dry, and lint-free. The term lint-free is new to many of you so let us break it down for you. It is a type of cloth which do not leave any dirt behind while cleaning as well as it does not have any sharp ages like towel, cotton, or synthetic.  Generally, we use it to clean our eyeglasses.

You have to take a dry cloth to clean the television screen. A wet piece of cloth tends to leave scratch marks on the tv, or even sometimes it can damage the screen.

Choose Liquids Carefully

Before you choose any kind of cleaning solution for your tv, remember that do not spray it directly. Try to clean it with a dry cloth as long as you can. Wiping up regularly will help you with that.

But when dry cloth cannot clean out the dirt or stain, you can dampen the cloth with a gentle cleanser and gently wipe it down. In that case, avoid ammonia, alcohol, or acetone. Check the ingredients carefully before you buy any solution. Do not use any glass cleaner on your tv screen.

Do Not Forget the Remote Control 

There is a pandemic situation going on, and cleaning the tv screen is not enough. No doubt that it is the remote where most of the germs take place as it revolves around the hand to hand. So, it is important to clean the remote control often. 

To clean the remote properly at first, take the battery out of it. Hold the remote upside down in our knees, which means the buttons will be downward. Then take some alcohol diluted with water and spray on a soft cloth. Wipe the remote with that cloth from upwards to downwards.

You can take a cotton ball to clean in between the buttons. Damp it with the same alcohol diluted water and rub where the debris is. If still your remote is not cleaned out enough, take a dry toothbrush and rub the dirtiest area.

Cleaning the Screen only is not Enough

If you are done with your tv screen and remote control, do you need to bother cleaning the ports, casing, or weirs? It will not do any harm to you if you do.

Go for the same method, dry and soft cloth will do the work generally. But you also can use a damp cloth. Be careful with the weirs and the port as we all know the relation between the current and water. So, using dry cloth is on the safer side.

Do Not Fall for the Cleaning kits

With a super marketing strategy, they will sell you those kits, which will cost $15 and above. But basically, what you get in those kits are cloth and a solution, most of the time it will be water.

If you buy those separately, you will get better quality products at a much cheaper price. You can get a microfiber cloth in any kind of office supply store and use a solution that does not have alcohol in it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Best way to clean a flat-screen TV?

The best way to clean a flat-screen tv is to use a dry and soft microfiber cloth.

What is the Best Cleaner to use on a TV screen?

The best cleaner to use on a TV screen that does not contain ammonia, alcohol, or acetone. Distilled water is best in that case.

Can I use Windex on my 4k TV?

One of the main ingredients in Windex is ammonia. So, it is not recommended to use it on your 4k TV.

Can you use Eyeglass Cleaner on TV Screen?

Yes, you can use eyeglass cleaner on a TV screen.

Can you use Uinegar to clean a TV Screen?

You can use vinegar to clean a TV screen by mixing it with water. The quantity is an equal part of distilled water and equal part vinegar.

Can I clean my TV with Clorox Wipes?

Never use Clorox wipes to clean your TV.


Cleaning the television is not a hard task if done properly. Here we tried to compile a proper guide to how to clean 4k tv screen. If you follow all of these, hopefully, your television will perform well and last longer.

After reading this, you may have questions like how to clean a 4k UHD tv screen or Samsung or Sony, etc. You just have to follow the steps we mentioned above. Because the cleaning process is all the same no matter what brand’s flat-screen tv you are using.

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