The layman’s rule when you want to enjoy 4K contents is from source to screen and everything in between should support 4K. So, if you have asked yourself do I need a 4K receiver for my 4K TV, the answer is a resounding yes. You definitely need a 4K receiver for your 4K television or 4k monitor. If for some reason you fail to do so, the 4K supply chain gets broken.

That is because the lower-res receiver cannot handle more resolution they were made for. And, from then on, they pass on the signal as their native resolution. So, if you get an ordinary receiver for the 4K TV, you are going to have an ordinary experience.

Do I Need A 4K Receiver For My 4K TV

Do I Need a 4K Receiver for My 4K TV?

In general, a receiver is an electronic device that is used in home theaters. What they do is they receive audio or video or both signals from different devices. These devices can be your phone, computer, or something else.

Upon receiving the signal, they relay it to your TV and sound system. In this way, no matter where the content source is you will not have to look around. It allows you to enjoy the all contents right in front of your media center or home theater.

As the 4K contents require you to maintain a 4K capable supply chain, this is where the need for a 4K receiver comes up. A 4K receiver can both receive and relay the signal without any quality deterioration. The difference from other ordinary receivers is that they are made so delicate that they can handle 3840×2160 resolution.

Other than that, the working principle is pretty much the same. So, if you are wondering do I need a 4k box for my 4k tv? The answer is yes because without it you won’t be able to enjoy 4K contents.

How Does A 4K Receiver Work?

Receivers are considered the heart of the home theater. They are part and parcel of entertainment systems. It has 5 different components that are considered as the main parts. These parts are audio/video input, preamplifier, signal processor, amplifier, and outputs.

The content source feeds the signal to the receiver. There it gets through the decoder to be decoded. Then the preamplifier unit makes up for the system loss. Afterward, the signal goes to the signal processor. Once the processing is done, it picks up the right channel for audio and video output and sends them to the user end.

A 4K receiver would go through the same principle, except the internal bandwidth and signal processing. The 4K resolution requires high bandwidth and a powerful signal processing unit. These two are the difference factor between a 4K and a regular receiver.

How To Set Up A 4K Receiver

It might take a while to set up the receiver from the ground up. Let’s check out how can you do that efficiently.

  • We will start with speakers. At first, you should place the speakers the way you want them. It will give you a better idea of where to place the receiver.
  • Plugging speaker wire to the receiver is easy, it is prepping the wires that take all the time. Take a look here if you need help cutting the wires. Once the wires are ready, just match the colors in the input terminals. Make sure to unplug the receiver when you connect them.
  • If you have a subwoofer, then just connect the subwoofer output from the receiver to its LFE input. In case you prefer going wireless, get the wireless connection kit.
  • When connecting to the TV, use the HDMI output 1 or the ‘Main’ HDMI port. In case, you need the audio from the television’s internal speakers then use the HDMI that is marked ARC.
  • Now it is time to calibrate the sound. Use the internal application to manually calibrate the speakers to your perfect liking. Then connect it to the Wi-Fi or LAN internet. All you have left to do now is to tweak it here and there to make it ‘your’ setup.

Some Best 4K Receivers:

There are many receivers on the market and needless to say not all of them are worth it. Here are the top three 4k compatible receivers for 4k tv.

Sony STR-DH790:

Besides the 4K capability, this receiver supports 7.2 channel surround sound. On top of that, it has Dolby Atmos. Together they will provide you excellent audio that can rival the theaters. You can use Bluetooth to stream music from the phone. The 4K HDR pass-through has the support of Dolby Vision, Hybrid Log-Gamma, and HDR10. When combined they produce the best color contrast and brightness. Considering the quality and performance it can be considered the best 4K receiver.

Denon AVR-S540BT:

This 4K receiver can be hooked up with a 5.2 channel sound system. Its HLG, HDR, and wide color gamut would make your picture quality is top class. The Bluetooth support and HEOS compatibility let you play music from 8 different devices in a multi-room setup. The on-screen setup assistant will walk you through all the important setups. The flexibility and versatility of this 4K receiver are off the charts.

Sony STRDH590:

This Sony 4K receiver is an excellent budget package that comes with all the features you will need. From FM radio to virtual surround sound, it has got you covered. It also has Bluetooth support that you can use to stream music from your phone. The top-notch sound quality you will be enjoying would make you feel like are already at a theater.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I connect my 4K TV to a non 4K receiver?

The optical digital audio connection will help you to accomplish this. Almost all 4K televisions come from this port.

Do you need a 4k receiver if you have a 4k TV?

If you want to enjoy the best experience, then yes.

Do all receivers support 4K?

No, all receivers do not support 4K resolution.

How do I get my 4K TV to play in 4K?

Make sure each and every component the signal passes through supports 4K resolution.

Does a 4K TV need a 4K receiver?

Yes, a 4K TV would need a 4K receiver to provide the best result.

Why does my 4K TV not look like 4K?

That because at least one of the connected components does not support the resolution.

Does receiver affect picture quality?

Yes, depending on the hardware the receiver affects picture quality.

Bottom Line

It is easy to get lost in different types of controls when making a home theater or media center. It would be normal to want some simplicity especially if you are making a 4K home theater or something similar.

So, the answer to the question do I need a 4K receiver for my 4K TV, is yes you need one. The 4K receivers will make sure you’ve got all the controls at your arms reach. So, that you can enjoy the content and be relaxed as everything will come into sync.

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