In a world where the internet has helped us unite and brought us together; it also made us form invisible walls within us. The current generation is so much engrossed in the virtual world that it is almost impossible to make room for some family time.

This is where nowadays 4K television plays its part. Once upon a time the only source of entertainment used to be via sharing old-school television screens.

These typical electronic gadgets surely got buried under the frequent modern inventions. Thanks to the greatest minds.

But televisions unlike landlines still thrives as one of the classics till this day. If you are stuck between LG vs Samsung 4k TV like many out there, I’m here to help.

Which 4K TV is Better: Samsung or LG?

The difference right off the bat between these two famous brands is that Samsung 4k is rather cheaper than the previous version. Unlike LG, it is not too heavy on your pocket instead comes in a budget-friendly sum.

On the other hand, LG is more to the side of “no compromise over quality”. LG comes along with lucrative OLED panels for better color contrast that is clearer and delights to your eyes.

The interior of the screen has a better spectrum that allows the rays to travel to every corner of the room, giving you a front-row, crystal clear view.

LG vs Samsung 4k TV: A Quick Overview

Samsung 4KLG 4K
True to its name, Samsung 4K comes along with crystal processor 4k that transforms everything you see into a stunning view.For the elites who want their television display as pristine as possible, LG comes with 4K resolution with great color, light, and sound experience.
Functions in multi-voice. Feel free to choose from Alexa and Bixby.Can be connected via Bluetooth and artificial intelligence to serve you with the best possible visibility.
Samsung 4K is a smart TV indeed. It has next-gen apps, super easy controlling system moreover a host of enhancement.Not just a way to see the wonders of the world or catch up with the latest news, LG itself is a masterpiece with head-turning design.
Comes with HDR technology. Unlocks the color that is not penetrable by the usual HDTVs.Similar to its rival, LG it has active HDR which permits the automatic changes of the screen including HDR10 and HLG.
Samsung TVs have awesome functions command but ports availability is not that great as LG’s.LG TVs more ports for versality but functions commands are not as great as Samsung.
Samsung’s Tizen OS is not that impressive like LG’s operating system and user interface.LG’s webOS is better than Samsung OS as it provides a minimal, user-friendly, customizable smart TV interface with their ThinQ AI software.
Last but not least comes in an affordable and pocket-friendly package.Lastly, to your dismay; LG 4K is a bit expensive with all its eye-catchy details.

Crystal Clear Display

Both Samsung 4K and LG 4K comes with the adhesive procedure to ensure the best color contrast. The visibility is as good as you see with your naked eyes. The 4K resolution is formed with a huge number of pixels that ensure you the tiniest details with its optimized capacity.

Functions on Command

One of the biggest flexes of Samsung 4K is that it has mustered the revolutionary invention of artificial intelligence that mimics the work of a robot. Samsung is quick to function according to your order and it does this with the utmost precision.

Apart from that, it offers you choices to choose one according to your liking between Alexa and Bixby.

Unlike Samsung, LG 4K has other pristine qualities but not the “work on command” function. In order to enjoy your time via LG 4K Television, you must come in contact with the sensors to make it operate.

 Just one touch or tap and voila! The supreme view almost transfers you to a different place as an escape for the time being.

Multiple Ports for Versatile Usage

Modern needs require a modern solution. That is why prior to this motto LG comes with a mind-blowing package of several ports that can be proved handy in times of our needs.

Nowadays, we look for products that abide by the typical “all in one” title. To your relief, LG is certainly one of those products that won’t disappoint you.

Nevertheless, Samsung however with its price range can’t offer this much convenience. With its Artificial Intelligence though it surely steals the show.

Stylish Appearance

Televisions from their day of the invention have been designed and re-designed by their companies, to keep pace with our modern-day requirements.

Both Samsung 4K and LG 4K have been modified to enhance the elegance of the household and give off the impression of a high-class community.

Enhanced HDR Technology

On a brighter note, both these top-notch TV brands have improved HDR technology that adjusts the picture quality. So, with Samsung and LG 4K leave your worry up to them, let them do the work for you while you enjoy your favorite shows.

The Limitations

The price point of LG 4K is a bummer. It is enough to pop the dream of anyone wishing to make the move to buy one of these. But, one purchase and it will definitely pay off in the long run.

On the contrary, Samsung is more pocket-friendly that doesn’t feel heavy on your budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which one is better between Samsung 4k vs LG 4k?

The answer right off the bat is LG 4K TV by a huge margin. Regarding the OLED that we witness in LG 4K, LG TV offers us much better visibility and viewing angles.

Who makes LG TV?

LG Electronics which is a part of LG Corporation makes all the LG TVs.

Where is LG Tv made?

LG televisions are assembled mostly in the United States and on their other manufacturing centers all over the world.

Who makes Samsung TV?

Samsung Electronics makes all their TVs at Samsung Plants on different locations worldwide.

Is 4K TV worth it?

4k is the new trend of gaming and media consuming. 4K with the dual collaboration of HDR and OLED is absolutely worth for the next few years.

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Bottom Line

Seems like both these renowned brands have their own sets of pros and cons. Both Samsung and LG 4K have one thing in common though. They both have advanced HDR technology that solely focuses on the auto adjustment of the resolution.

However, LG 4K meets and exceeds all the features of Samsung except for the “voice command”. LG 4K not only has multiple ports, OLED, impressive appearance but also easy touch screen control. On the contrary, Samsung is significantly cheaper with its AI.

Lastly, the choice is yours according to your liking and priorities. Hopefully, this post has helped you to get rid of any confusion you had between LG vs Samsung 4k TV.

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