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How Do I Know If My Tv is 4k? (In All Methods)

Technology never stops at a point for long. With the urge for advancement, 4K resolution is the top-trending technology you’ll find when purchasing a TV. Almost all of the manufacturers bring their UHD models to dominate the market. As a buyer, if you are thinking of something apart from 4K, you are definitely missing a lot.

If you have bought a TV but are asking yourself how do I know if my tv is 4k, then you are just at the right place. The article will help you find how to check TV resolution in different ways.

How Do I Know If My Tv Is 4k?

“How do I know if my tv is 4k capable?”- many a time, we get questions like this. People are confused about whether their smart TV supports 4K contents or not. There are a few ways that you may follow to know if it’s a 4K TV or not.

Go Through the User Manual

If you still have the user manual of the TV, the task becomes easy. All the televisions from different manufacturers contain detailed specifications in their user manual. All you need to do is searching for the resolution option from the manual. If the manual says the resolution is 4K or 2160p, then congratulations yours a 4K TV. Also, some manufacturers refer to 2160p resolution as ultra-high definition (UHD).

Visit the Official Website

If you have already lost the manual or unable to find the resolution from the manual, there’s always another way out. Just visit their official website on the internet and search for the specifications there. You’ll get all information about the model on the website.

Try-Out 4K Contents

If your TV comes with a built-in YouTube app, try-out a 4K content in it. Play a video in 2160p and see whether it shows or not. If the video continues without a problem, you own a 4k TV. Also, numbers of streaming media like Netflix, amazon prime, or apple TV contain ultra HD contents. You can play any content from those to check if your TV is 4K or not.

Using 4K Images

If you are still confused about your TV resolution, you can check the difference between UHD and full HD images. Download some 4K and full HD images that are 3840 x 2160p and 1920 x 1080p, respectively, from google. Use an HDMI cable to transfer the images to your TV. Open the UHD images first and see if they cover the whole screen. Then, go for the HD images and repeat the process. If the 1080p images open with borders around them, your TV isn’t 4K at all.

Call Customer Care

Well, if nothing above works for you, unfortunately, there’s no other option to call customer care if you’re keen to know. They’ll definitely let you know if you own a 4K TV or not.

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Why Can’t You Tell the Difference Between 4K and HD?

It happens to people who buy 4K TVs yet cannot get significant differences from their old HD TVs. Here’re a few possible reasons for that.

  • You Own A Small TV: Resolution depends on the number of pixels present in an image. In larger screens, the space between pixels increases. That’s why you will understand the difference between HD and 4K contents on larger screens. On a small screen, you won’t be able to differentiate the visual quality.
  • It’s A Cheap One: Many manufacturers try to get into the 4K market by offering low-priced devices. These so-called Blu-ray compatible devices usually upscale 1080p contents into 2160p. They may offer better picture quality than a full HD TV, still not close enough to the original 4K TV.
  • Your TV Isn’t Calibrated: Manufacturers usually calibrate the color, brightness, dynamic range, and contrast of each television. However, if you don’t find any difference, you may contact customer service to calibrate your 4K TV.
  • Not Using HDMI Cable: You are probably still using the colored jacks instead of HDMI cables at the back of the TV. The old-fashioned RCA cables can’t efficiently transmit high-resolution video signals, especially after 1080p.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a 4K UHD TV play HD content?

Obviously, it can. A 4K TV can play 1080p contents. However, it won’t play at 1080 pixels on your 2160p UHD TV. The content will be upscaled to fill the extra pixels for showing on your 4K TV.

Do all 4k TVs have HDR?

Almost all of the recent 4K TVs come with an HDR10 feature. This will make your TV compatible with the most commonly available 4K Blu-ray discs, streaming contents, and 4K players.


We hope we could make some help by answering to few questions like, “how do I know if my tv is showing in 4k?” or “how do I know if my tv is 4k?”. If you follow the instructions correctly, you’re definitely going to find if your TV is capable of showing in UHD or not.

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