Key Points:

  • Most old model TVs don’t come with an Ethernet port.
  • Even having Ethernet ports on old non-smart TVs only have limited functionalities.
  • To connect the old television to the internet, you have to use streaming devices like Google Chromecast.

Lots of non-smart TVs come with an Ethernet port for a firmware update or digital media showing purposes. But most of them don’t have one. In case, my TV does not have an ethernet connection, you may wonder, what are my options to connect to the internet?

Different types of adapters let the users convert a USB or HDMI port to an Ethernet port.

In this article, I am going to tell you about those solutions. Also, you will know how you can make your non-smart TV smart with this newly found information.

My TV Does Not Have an Ethernet Connection; What Are the Alternatives?

As a non-smart TV, it is okay to not have an Ethernet port. Here, one of two situations is possible.

Either your TV has both USB and HDMI ports or it has only an HDMI port. For both cases, there are adapters to convert any of those ports to Ethernet.

First of all, if your old TV has a USB port, you can check out this product from Amazon.

It is a driver-free USB to Ethernet converter which works fine with computers and televisions.

Secondly, having USB ports leaves us with only one option, and it is HDMI. Here is a converter I have found on Amazon.

How Can I Connect My TV To the Internet Without an Ethernet Port?

How to connect non-smart tv to the internet is the question here. I have already talked about some converters above that let you connect an Ethernet connection.

You may wonder if that is enough information to connect my TV to the internet. But that is not the case.

In most TVs, the ports only work as a receiver. So, the best way is to use Chromecast which streams on your TV from your phone.

Here, your phone stays connected to the internet, and the TV works only as a receiver. Hence, one can turn older TVs into a smart display without spending lots of money.

But none of the converters mentioned above will work for Chromecast. I searched for one and found this HDMI to Google Chromecast converter.

Now, all you have to do is connect the Chromecast to the internet using your phone’s hotspot, home WIFI, or modem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you add an ethernet port to a TV?

Yes, you can add an ethernet port to a TV’s spare USB port and make it capable of wired networking. The adapters to do this task is relatively cheap.

Do all TVs have ethernet ports?

No, all TVs don’t have an ethernet port but most of them do have one. Specifically, Smart TVs come with one for wired connectivity.

Do non-smart TVs have ethernet ports?

Yes, even some non-smart TVs come with ethernet ports so that the users can upload digital media through local area networks or LAN.

Can you convert HDMI to Ethernet?

Yes, and using HDMI over Ethernet extenders is the best way to do it. It converts HDMI signals to data that can easily be transmitted over the Ethernet.

Does USB to Ethernet work on a smart TV?

As Smart TVs already come with several connectivity options, you can’t convert the USB port for ethernet connectivity. The USB in Smart TVs can’t recognize the adapters as networking devices.


So, my TV does not have an ethernet connection, is there a way to connect to the internet?

There obviously is and you now know the ways to do it. If you face any difficulty perusing the solution, feel free to contact me.


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