In the past, a projector was a luxury and expensive thing. It was also not the most convenient option. However, this device is now getting popular among folks due to its price drop and 4k technology. People are buying and enjoy watching movies, TV shows, and gaming on a large screen. So, the living room TV is no longer the only option in the home.

However, if you are still confused and thinking whether it is worth getting a 4K projector, I’m here to help you clarify all of your thoughts here in this article. Without further ado, let’s begin reading to know if you really should have this or not. 

Are Projectors Better Than TVs?

Projectors can be better than TV depending on the size of the screen and picture quality. Admittingly, the projectors do undoubtedly provide a larger screen to the viewers.

However, the picture quality of a Home Theatre Projector is more than satisfactory. It has high color accuracy and a light output of 1000-3000 ANSI Lumens.

A bright home theatre projector, on the other hand, lacks some color while providing a bright appearance. Contrarily, office projectors are even brighter but don’t have a good picture quality.

In the case of a TV with 4K UHD features or even normal HD, the picture and sound do not change as drastically with different models. The better-quality projectors like Home Theatre projectors cost from $400 – $30,000 while a 64-inch 4K UHD TV costs from $4,000 to $6,000

4K TV vs. 4k Projector: The Difference

The Difference between a 4K TV and a 4K projector is shown in details below:

 4K TV4K Projector
Size:A 4K television can give a large screen view experience up to 85 inches. The TV screen size is fixed for every TV.A 4K projector is usually larger than any 4K television available in the market. It can go up to 300 inches. The size can be adjusted up to the maximum screen size. A larger screen opts for a lesser strain on the eyes.
Resolution:Virtually all 4K TVs output are the 4K display. This is considering any external device attached to the TV is 4K compatible.4K projectors heavily rely on pixel shifting or 4K upscaling technologies. This is because the 4K projectors cannot technically display a complete 4K resolution.
Budget:A 4K TV is comparatively more budget friendlier than a 4K projector. Generally, a 4K Television may be available at less than $500.A 4K projector is less budget-friendly than a 4K TV. You can get a 4K projector now within $1000, a bare minimum.
Brightness:The brightness of a TV is enough to view within a well-lit room. The quality of the picture is adjusted with the brightness level of the TV.Usually, the better the quality of the picture a projector provides, the darker room it requires. The projector provides less brightness, which is necessary for better color and darkness of the picture.

Is It Worth To Get A 4K Projector Or Not?

The main catch of a projector is the large screen size. Watching movies or playing games on a big screen is almost everyone’s dream. A 4k projector can give you a theatre-like watching experience just sitting at your home.

But is it really worth to get a 4k projector while there are lots of good quality 4k TVs to buy? I’ll solve all of your confusion regarding that and help you to make a clear decision here.

The recent model TVs can provide you good picture quality and contrast; however, portability might be an issue. Most people are comfortable mounting their TVs on walls. But you can set your projector anywhere in your house or even in an outdoor place.

Suppose there is happening the FIFA World Cup and you, your friends and neighbors are enjoying the match together. How would be the feel? Pretty amazing, right? Yes, I would love this moment, and a projector would be a favorite thing to use in such a situation.  

Color, contrast, and picture quality may be your issues, but you won’t notice much of these from a fair distance.

Besides, in-office meetings, a large screen is needed, you know. Here, people won’t watch movies or images where color and contrast are important. On an office projector, people mostly see white documents and writings, sometimes PowerPoint slides.

If you want to buy a projector for your home use, a 4k one would best as you will watch the screen not from too far. So, here high-resolution matters; otherwise, you will notice pixels on the screen, which won’t be a good watching experience.

Moreover, you can adjust the screen size based on the needs of your room and the occasion. TV’s screen size is fixed, and you can get a maximum of 85 inches 4k tv till now.

However, a larger screen size is not only the buying reason here. A big screen will give less strain on your eyes. It is a healthier option comparing to TVs.

Actually, tv and projectors both have different usage, and both do great in different specific situations. I would suggest you buy both and use each one at the right specific time if you can. Surely, you won’t regret.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are 4k projectors as good as 4k TV?

It depends. If you are looking for screen size and a better 4K display or resolution, then yes. If you are looking for brightness and picture quality balance, then 4K projectors are not good at balancing that.

Is it worth getting a non-4K projector?

Yes, the size of any high technology projector exceeds the 4K experience viewed in a TV. But I would always recommend buying a 4k one.

Do projectors use more electricity than TVs?

Depends on the quality and size of the image/files being displayed.

How long will a projector last?

Recent projector bulbs may last from 2,000 up to 4,000 hours.

Which is a better projector, LCD, or LED?

The LED projectors are better than the LCD projectors as the former delivers better colors. LED projectors also possess a 20,000-hour life-span.


4k is now a trend, and a 4k projector is worth buying to have a next-gen watching experience. I’m recently working on some best quality 4k projectors to suggest you some good ones. So, what are you thinking? Is it worth to get a 4K projector? Feel free to comment below.

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