4k TV is becoming a trend with time. It had come into the market almost 2 years ago and now it’s being available. With time, the number of 4k content on different platforms is also increasing.

So many of us have this big question – Is it time to get a 4k TV? Are 4k TVs worth it for buying in 2022?

Read this article and make your decision today!

What Is A 4k TV?

4k display refers to a display that has an approximate resolution of 4000 pixels. 4k TV refers to those digital TVs which have this 3840×2160 pixels screen. It has four times more detailed presentations than the normal FHD screen. It produces clearer, sharp, and detailed content.

Smart 4k TVs are super powerful in that they might have a processor too.

Companies from all over the world are making 4k TVs with AMOLED or WLED screen technology for different screen lengths.

Currently, there are the most detailed displays available in the markets which have the top pixel counts.

How Much 4k Content Is Out There?

In this era of details and sharpness, people search for screens that have the most pixels quantity.

But still, there is a long way to make this world comfortable with 4k screens.

Because there are not many 4k contents -barely some cable TV companies like BT or Sky broadcast 4k contents. There are not any subscription-free 4k channels yet.

4k ultra Blu-ray discs are available in the market. But you’ll have to pay for not only the disc but also the blue-ray player.

However, 4k content are being popular in OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon prime Gaming industry and gaming consoles like PS5 or Xbox have a great future in this smart 4k tv. So, there is a lack of 4k content but it is increasing every day.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of 4k Comparing To Other Resolutions

You might be thinking about what pros and cons you’ll face for choosing a 4k TV. So here is a detailed comparison between 4k and other TV.


This is quite obvious. 4k TVs offer so many more pixels than 1080p (1920×1080), 720p (1280 x 720), and other low-resolution TV. Hence, you’ll see more detailed images with it.

Moreover, 4k TVs have come up with new technologies like HDR which has improved the image quality a lot with better lighting and color contrast.


The color is much more realistic in 4k TV. You’ll see more dynamic colors with it. Screen technologies like LCD or OLED will make the color vivid and blacks will be deeper.

Smart TV

One unspoken side of 4K TV is that they have come in form of Smart TV which you can use as a computer. You can download different apps, games, and streaming services like Netflix. So, this is a big advantage here

However, there are some limitations you will face in a 4k TV. Let’s take a look at them. 


4k TVs are more expensive than other TVs of the same size. For instance, a 49-inch 1080p TV costs about $250 while a 4k TV of the same size costs $435. However, the entry-level price for 4k TV is $300. Those won’t be the best 4k but will be better than other TVs.


As 4k is still a new technology, there is a lack of available 4k content. In contrast, 1080p contents are everywhere.

Also, 4k contents will have a larger file size. So, this is a huge limitation. But the number of 4k contents is increasing gradually. 


Gaming on 4k Tv also provide you immersive experience since you’ll get sharp and crisp details on the screen. If you are a casual gamer, you can play games on you 4K tv very smoothly. Here are some good 4K TVs for gaming. 

Should I Buy A 4k TV?

Now the question remains – Are 4k TVs worth it?

4k TVs obviously make your viewing experience better. The consideration is most of the contents are yet at 1080p. But 4k contents are being available day by day. 4k TVs are also being a trend nowadays.

So, if you are looking for buying a new TV and the 4k ones suit your budget, you should buy it.

Another side is gaming. If you want to get into next-gen gaming, 4k TV is a great choice.

But as we experienced, the price of such technologies decreases with time. So, if you have a good HD TV with which you are satisfied, we won’t recommend rushing for a 4k one now. 

Some Recommended 4k TVs

  1. Samsung U24E850R 
  • Great viewing angle, versatile display position adjustments, excellent contrast ratio – Samsung U24E850 packs all the lucrative features.
  • It has got HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB 3.0 ports. This PLS panel has an excellent contrast ratio with the right amount of brightness.
  • The anti-reflective coating reduces the reflection in bright rooms, and eye saver mode is there for your eyes. 

2. SAMSUNG 65-inch Class QLED Q80T Series 

  • QLED television with objective soundtracking, great viewing angle, quantum HDR will be best for enjoying media content.
  • For the higher contrast ratio, you will see that blacks will be much deeper, and whites will be brighter.
  • The ultra-viewing angle with anti-glare will let you enjoy everything comfortably wherever you sit.
  • The Quantum Processor, with the presence of Alexa, will present you with the best 4K experience available. 

3. Sony X950H 49 Inch TV 

  • The HDR display with Dolby vision is a great addition to it.
  • The LED display with great color, contrast, and clarity comes with Sony’s best X1 ultimate processor. The display excels at producing RGB lights.
  • You can also integrate your iPhone and Siri devices to the TV for smart home management and content streaming.
  • Overall, this monitor offers speedy performance with excellent sound quality.


So, a 4k TV will definitely be worth it. But you have to make the considerations if you have enough content available in your area to watch at 4k. If the answer is yes and you have enough money, go for it.

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