When you see the features and specs of the 4K TVs, terms like “motion,” “action” and “clear” with illogical refresh rates flying around can puzzle you.

So, one might ask, what is a good refresh rate on a 4K TV?

I would say 60Hz is the best affordable all-in-one option, and 120Hz is the best for gaming. But the answer is incomplete without some explanation. Read the full article, and decide the right refresh rate that meets your needs.

What Does Refresh Rate Mean?

For you to understand the good refresh rate on a UHD TV, you need to know what it means and why it is important.

A TV refresh rate means the number of times the screen refreshes every second by itself. Don’t mix it up with the fps or frames per second.

In other words, it is the rate at which the display draws new images. The unit hertz means per second.

So, 30Hz means that your TV screen is capable of refreshing the display up to 30 times every second. The same goes for 60Hz, 120Hz, and 240Hz.

Here, both the input and the output devices have to have compatibility for your desired refresh rate.

What I mean is that the content and the 4K TV must support 60Hz. If one has 30Hz, you won’t be able to enjoy the smoothness of 60Hz.

Why Refresh Rate Is Important?

The importance of refresh rate lies in motion handling. A higher refresh rate means that you can see a smoother motion.

When the contents are moving on the display, a lower refresh rate can leave a trail of objects which is not a pleasant experience.

But that is not all. There is more to it because there are exceptions. You may get deceived by the marketing jargon. And, I’m here to help you know the facts.

What Is A Good Refresh Rate on A 4K TV?

There is no straight answer to the question because it depends on several things. Let me explain in a few points below.

What is a 4K TV with a 30Hz refresh rate good for?

4K 30Hz has become a thing of the past because of the availability of 60Hz in low-cost UHD TVs.

Usually, watching a video in this setting is good. But I won’t be doing anything other than enjoying a film.

Web browsing or playing games is a nightmare in 30Hz displays.

What is a 4K TV with a 60Hz refresh rate good for?

The sweet spot of refresh rates is 60Hz. It is the standard for all contents available right now.

Whether you are watching a film, playing a game, or using the TV as a PC monitor, you can safely go for this refresh rate.

Also, almost all low-budget 4K TVs have this refresh rate because the technology has become more affordable.

I know that serious gamers can’t think anything below 120Hz. But 4K at 60Hz is still a good option for most of the games.

Not many console games are available at 120Hz. As long as you are concerned about your eyes, I have to suggest something else.

It would be better to choose something more than 75Hz. However, for a low budget, buying 60Hz TV beats every other option.

What is a 4K TV with a 120Hz refresh rate good for?

From the discussion in the 60Hz section, you have got the idea that a display above 60Hz is good for both gaming and your eyes.

Though most of the games are still available at 60Hz, more game developers are joining the 120Hz team. It is the perfect TV refresh rate for gaming.

So, the best choice for you is to go for a 120Hz TV from a reputed brand assuming that budget is not a problem.

If you are a serious gamer, you won’t regret buying a 4K 120Hz TV. Check the link to get the best deal available on Amazon.

Pro Tip: While buying a TV, carefully read the features and specs. If it says something about effective refresh rate, you must be careful because it means half of what it actually has. So, 120Hz effective refresh rate means 60Hz in reality.

What is a 4K TV with a 240Hz refresh rate good for?

At the time of writing this article, I could not find any consumer electronics brand selling genuine 240Hz 4K TV.

It is because no native panel in the industry with 2160p resolution has a higher refresh rate than 120Hz.

Samsung markets its TVs with fancy features like Motion Rate. In reality, Motion Rate 240 means that you are getting a 120Hz refresh rate.

And, all other TV manufacturers have the same practice of giving some marketing terms.

The numbers to their claim mean something different in real life. So, don’t pay for numbers. Get to know what you are buying.

Pro Tip: In the third quarter of 2021, we have seen a few display brands have availed 4K monitors (not TV) at a 240Hz refresh rate. But the technology doesn’t have the demand yet. So, don’t trust any TV marketer claiming a 240Hz screen yet.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How important is the refresh rate on 4K TV?

Refresh rate is an important factor not only for 4K TVs but also for other resolutions. While gaming, the screen is always in motion, and having blurriness is not acceptable. With a higher refresh rate on 4K TV, you won’t see motion blur and play games smoothly.

Is 60Hz refresh rate good for 4K TV?

Till now, most of the 4K contents are in 60Hz refresh rate. So, 60Hz is a decent refresh rate for UHD TVs. However, the content creators are creating more videos and games with 120Hz refresh rates. So, you will probably want to upgrade your TV set within 3 or 4 years.

Can you tell the difference between 60hz and 120hz?

For regular videos or any content originally made with a 60Hz refresh rate, you won’t be able to tell the difference between them. On the other hand, games with 120Hz compatibility can be the differentiator. A 120Hz content played in a 60Hz display setting can be blurry.


One might ask, what is a good refresh rate on a 4K TV? The answer varies with the requirements of the user.

However, one thing is certain.

Buying an expensive UHD TV with a 120Hz display won’t do any good if you don’t have videos or games having the same refresh rate.

So, all you have to do is set the priorities, and buy one within your budget. Unnecessarily future-proofing your entertainment setup is not wise.

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