4k televisions are on the hype for a couple of years now for a reason. It gives you the best watching experience till now. But you can get really confused after going to the market because of the price range. Some of them you will see at $500 and some are $2000. Which one to go for? Are both of the TVs the same? Then why are prices differing so much?

In a cheap 4k tv they will provide a poor-quality processor which will make the tv very slow. The tv hub you will get is also poor quality. The smart features of cheap 4k tv are not fast and responsive which is an important fact you should consider before buying it.

In this article, I’m going to discuss the overview of cheap and expensive 4k television, what you need to look for while buying it, and why are some of them so cheap. I hope this article will give you clarity about which one to go for.    

What is a 4k Resolution TV?

In simple terms, 4k resolution is equal to 3840 x 2160 pixels or 2160p.

You will get a better understanding by comparing it with a Full HD 1080p picture which is only 1920 x 1080 pixels. That means 4k tv screens have 4 times more pixels or about 8 million pixels.

If you imagine the pixels like a grid, then it goes 1920 rows upwards and 1920 columns wide. But when it comes to 4k, it doubles the grid. As it provides 4 times more pixels, what’s why it’s called 4k resolution tv.

What to Consider in a 4k TV?

There are several things you need to consider before buying not only 4k but TVs in general. But when you are going for the 4k television never miss noticing any of these.

Screen Size and Set-Up

Where you have decided to put your tv and how is to be determined before you buy one. Screen size will vary depending on how far you are going to put it. If the sitting position is near smaller tv will be the better option and vice versa. Remember that tv screen size is measured diagonally not by height or width.

You want to hand the tv on your wall with a wall mount or use a tv stand to set up will also need to be considered.


Resolution is one of the main things you have to double-check. Make sure to on the tv and watch some 4k content before you buy. As human eyes are capable of seeing the difference between HD and 4k, you will be able to tell which one is better.


Speakers play a significant role in your overall watching experience but are often ignored. Consider good quality speaker comes with the tv otherwise you will not enjoy the 4k resolution fully.


The design makes a difference to the interior of the room in which you are keeping the tv. Make sure the tv design matches the interior of the room.

Curved or non-curved tv does not make a difference in the viewing experience but if look matters to you decide beforehand which one you want to go for.

Smart Features

Smart features are mandatory nowadays, especially because of the streaming networks available for them. It’s upgrading day by day, so make yourself updated to know which one you are going to need.

Cheap 4K TV

You will get all of the features in a cheap 4k tv but the fact is all of them are not good enough as the expensive ones. The main thing not good enough that will affect your experience is the processor.

In a cheap 4k tv they will provide a poor-quality processor which will make the tv very slow. The tv hub you will get is also poor quality.

As it says, 4k tv will come with the same number of pixels but the quality of the pixels will not remain the same. Meanwhile, it comes with fewer ports overall.

The smart features of cheap 4k tv are not fast and responsive which is an important fact you should consider before buying it.

The point is you will get the same features but for the same performance nor the quality. That’s why some of the 4k TVs are so cheap. they cut costs by providing you the fewer quality features.

Expensive 4k TV

Expensive 4k TVs are also known as premium 4k tv which will come with all the features as the name suggests. As it is almost the opposite of a cheap one, here you will get a high-quality processor and software.  Which will make the tv experience smooth as butter.

Needless to say, the smart features are great in the expensive ones as well as you will get the better speaker and sound quality. The highest quality pixels are ensured with the upgraded screen.

Lastly, the design and the look of premium quality tv says it all. 

Some Recommended Premium 4K Tv for 2022:

1. BenQ EL2870U 28 inch 4K 

2. AOC U2790VQ 27″ 


4. LG 24UD58-B 

5.  LG 32UN500–W 32 Inch 


As you have come this far, I assume that you’ve got a good grip on the fact that why are some 4k TVs so cheap and how they cut their costs. But that does not mean you have to buy a super expensive tv. It completely depends on how you are going to use the tv.

If you are a gamer or a movie/series freak and spend several hours every day in front of the tv, I suggest you go for the expensive one. But if you only open it for some weekly show or the news then a cheap one will do just fine.

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