Small monitors work really well as secondary monitors. Unless you are using a laptop then they can be used as a primary monitor too. There are quite a few small monitors in the market that have 4k resolution. And, throughout this post, I will show you some great ones.

If you have been looking for the smallest 4K monitor, I’ll not only show you the best but also explain why they are the best. These monitors have been categorized for you already so that you can make sure they fit your need.

Without further ado, let’s dive in. We will start with a short overview then we will go through their specialty.

Now, let’s have a quick Glance at my top recommended smallest 4K monitors:

1. Dragon Touch S1 Pro 4K Portable Monitor – Top Pick

Dragon Touch is a portable monitor that you can take anywhere. Due to the use of IPS technology, it will deliver a crisp and clear picture. Surprisingly, it comes with FreeSync that can handle screen tearing very well.

It also comes with built-in speakers that you will make your life much easier. The 100% sRGB color support will make sure you get to enjoy the best color quality.

2. LG 22MD4KA-B UltraFine – Another Top Recommendation

This LG monitor comes with a great color production capability. The p-99 color spectrum makes sure it can produce precise colors that are identical to real life. The built-in USB ports on these monitors are a lifesaver.

You can utilize them to charge different devices like phones or tablets. This monitor can be used as both a primary monitor and a secondary monitor.

3. AZMIOR UHD 4K Portable Monitor – Best Budget

This 4K monitor can run smoothly with multiple types of devices. The list includes raspberry pi, switch, phone, consoles and etc. This means you are not limited to your computer only.

The FreeSync and HDR together will make sure it offers a great gaming experience. It has a slim design and is also light in weight. You can take it anywhere you want as it occupies very little space.

4. Dell Ultra HD 4k Monitor P2715Q – Excellent Color Production

The best feature of this monitor is its color accuracy. It comes with 99% sRGB color coverage. Also, this monitor is factory calibrated. You will have the full freedom of mounting it anywhere you want.

While having an antiglare coating it can produce more than a billion colors. This is a great choice for any creative line of work like video or photo editing. However, this monitor is not suitable for gaming.

5. LG 24UD58-B – Best for Gaming

This one is an excellent choice for UHD gaming. Its low response time will hand a competitive edge. There is also a dedicated gaming mode that will optimize all the settings for you.

You will experience seamless fluid movement thanks to its FreeSync. However, an interesting thing about this monitor is that it supports picture in picture mode. So, it will give a solid boost to your productivity.

Top 5 Smallest 4K Monitors – My Honest Review

These are some best 4K small monitors available in the market. After my intense research, I’m now explaining ins and outs of each product below.

1. Dragon Touch S1 Pro 4K Portable Monitor – Top Pick

Dragon Touch S1 Pro

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Dragon Touch S1 Pro comes with the best of both worlds. Not only it is a portable item, but also it rivals most other monitors out there. Due to the use of IPS technology, it will deliver a crisp and clear picture. Surprisingly, it comes with FreeSync that can handle screen tearing very well.


The first thing you will notice is its portability. Due to its slim design and some clever engineering, you can take it easily anywhere.

It will fit in almost any kind of bag and takes up a little amount of space. So, it will be a perfect companion for your laptop and desktop computer.


You will love this monitor if you are into gaming. This Dragon Touch monitor comes with FreeSync inside. That means you won’t experience screen tearing when playing heavyweight games.

Combine this feature with portability, now you can game anywhere you want. This small 4k monitor for gaming will provide the best experience.

Viewing Angle

With a 178 degree viewing angle, you can see everything clearly from almost all points. The advantage becomes more apparent when you enjoy any content as a group or show any presentation.

No matter where everyone is in that room, they all will have a clear view. 

The Good

  • Compatible with many devices
  • 100% sRGB color gamut
  • Built-in speakers
  • comes with a dual cover

The Bad

  • The monitor is not bright enough

Summary: This is a great monitor for anyone who travels a lot. You will always have a large secondary monitor by your side to work with.

2. LG 22MD4KA-B UltraFine – Another Top Pick


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This LG monitor produces magnificent colors with great overall performance. It would be a great investment considering its price tag.

Rich Color

The monitor has a p-99% color spectrum. This high standard of color gamut with high pixel density creates crisp and clear pictures. All the photos or videos you edit will be pitch-perfect. You will enjoy enormous details and rich color on this monitor.

USB Versatility

It comes with a USB-C port in the back. This port can replace multiple types of ports when it comes to transmitting data. You can use it to simultaneously charging different devices. Besides letting you add different devices, it can even charge MacBook at 60 watts.

Built-in Speaker

Say goodbye to the extra wiring of a separate sound system. The built-in speakers are good enough to handle almost all kinds of music. If you get this monitor, that means you are getting a sound system in the pack, too.

The Good

  • Consistent color all across the monitor
  • Ultimate visibility with 500cd/m2 brightness
  • Comes with an adjustable stand
  • Has multi-function screen monitor

The Bad

  • Has only one USB 3.0 port

Summary: The LG 22MD4KA-B is an excellent 4K monitor that offers excellent picture quality. There aren’t any monitors that beat it for both price tag, build quality, and features. If you are looking for something for a creative line of work, then this is the one to get.

3. AZMIOR UHD 4K Portable Monitor – Best Budget

AZMIOR UHD 4K Portable Monitor

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With only 13.3 inch size, it is one of the smallest monitors on the market. As small size requires less building material, it was possible to minimize the cost. It really outcompetes other monitors when it comes to the price of 4K displays.


The HDR in this monitor makes contrast and brightness more intense to match real life. Thanks to HDR, you will have a great gaming experience. It will also improve any content you watch as they all will have clear motion and vivid images.


This monitor is compatible with a wide range of devices. These devices range from desktop computers to even your phone. You will have Type-C and HDMI ports at your disposal. Having these options all the time will give your productivity level a great boost.

Portable and Lightweight

The 13-inch form factor and 2 lbs weight make it a crowd favorite. Due to this size and weight, it will never feel like an extra hassle to carry it around. With minimal effort, you will have an extra monitor with you all the time.

The Good

  • Compatibility with a large list of devices
  • Built-in in speakers
  • Comes with HDR
  • Helps to boost productivity

The Bad

  • No option to adjust sharpness

Summary: This monitor is a great deal if you compare prices with other monitors. It is one of the cheapest 4k monitors out there. It not only has an affordable price tag but also comes packed with many useful features.

4. Dell Ultra HD 4k Monitor P2715Q – Excellent Color Production

Dell Ultra HD 4k Monitor P2715Q

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Dell as a monitor manufacturer has always had a good reputation for natural production. This monitor provides exceptional color grades that look like real-life colors. There are only a handful of monitors that can compete with it.


This monitor hands you the power of 99% sRGB color gamut. It is tuned and calibrated from the factory.

Not only it can produce more than a billion colors, but it also has a deltaE of less than 3, too. Which means you will get excellent coverage right out of the box.

Digital Connectivity

It comes with a plethora of digital connectivity ports. There are DisplayPort1.2, MHL port, and USB 3.0 charging port.

You can easily extend your view by adding another monitor via DisplayPort. MHL port will allow you to cast contents from other devices to monitor.

Eco-conscious Design

This dell monitor meets all the environmental and regulatory requirements. It is made with materials that are not harmful to nature. For example, it does not contain arsenic or mercury in glass or LED. This monitor is also TCO certified.

The Good

  • Near perfect color accuracy
  • Fully adjustable stand
  • Has built-in in DisplayPort, MHL, and USB 3.0 port
  • Excellent color coverage

The Bad

  • Not compatible with mac

Summary: If your line of work requires extensive color grading or to be color-conscious, this is the monitor for you. Although due to the long response time you might not have an edge if you play a competitive game on it.

5. LG 24UD58-B – Best for Gaming

LG 24UD58-B

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As 4K gaming is now more popular than ever, it might be the time to jump the ship. With this LG 24 inch 4k gaming monitor, you will have arguably the best gaming experience, when it comes to small 4k monitors.


If one thing all the gamers hate is the screen tearing. It not only looks odd but also ruins the experience. That is why this monitor comes with Freesync. Thanks to it, now you will enjoy seamless fluid movement even on high-resolution games.

IPS Display

When it comes to color production, IPS panels are the best. Although they are a bit expensive for the color grade they produce, they are worth it. You will enjoy darker blacks and brighter white than monitors that use other panels.

Game Mode

The best attraction of this monitor is its dedicated game mode. You can set up optimal conditions for your game with a few clicks.

There are built-in settings for first-person shooting games and RTS games. You can also customize the settings to your liking.

The Good

  • Comes with new arc line design
  • Has advanced gaming features
  • On-screen control with splitscreen2.0
  • Dedicated game mode

The Bad

  • The plastic is not made of the best quality

Summary: Gaming on the small monitor has never seen better days. If you are looking for a 4k monitor that will hand you a competitive edge, then this is the one you should pick. Considering the price and build, it is one of the great 24 inch 4k monitors in the market.

Small 4K Monitor Buying Guide

Display Technology

Two option for display technology is LED and LCD display. LED monitors can provide different lighting in different portions of the monitor.

As a result, you will have better performance for gaming, photo, and video editing.

As LCD monitors keep the light intensity the same across the monitor, they are better for office work.

Panel technology

TN panel technology is the oldest among the three. This display costs less, consumes less power, has a narrower viewing angle, and has comparatively subpar color production.

The IPS (In-plane switching) panels offer the best experience in the current market. Although it costs more color production is excellent with a wide viewing angle.

The VA panel stands in between these two in terms of cost and features.

Aspect Ratio

The 16:9 aspect ratio is the most popular one now. For gaming, video editing, or anything similar 16:9 would be helpful. On the other hand, 4:3 monitors are suitable for office works.

Response Time

It is the measurement of duration from the moment the monitor receives the signal from the CPU and changes the contents on the monitor. Short response time is essential for a good gaming experience or anything you do that involves fast transition.

For office work or video and photo editing, a long response time will have a negligible effect.

Color Accuracy

Color accuracy depends on internal drivers, display and panel technologies, and support for color gamuts. If you are doing color-sensitive work make sure the monitor has at least 90% sRGB support or p-99 color spectrum support.

Better color sensitivity makes the overall experience more enjoyable even if you don’t do color-sensitive work.

Anti-glare Coating

Having an anti-glare coating on the monitor will improve its flexibility several folds. You will have an excellent view of the display from all angles. It will be especially useful when people other than you will be looking at the monitor. 

Although it is a very useful feature, people often forget about it. Don’t make the same mistake as them.


The HDR(High Dynamic Range) increases brightness and contrast to make pictures more realistic. It makes the bright portion brighter and the dark portion darker.

As a result, it improves the level of detail. HDR technology has become common in most monitors, you should not miss it out to save a few bucks.

Refresh Rate

The smoothness of object or scene transition depends on the refresh rate of the monitor. Refresh rate is the number of times the monitor can update a picture in a second.

Although, it is not common for 4K displays to have a higher resolution than 60 Hz, so make sure you don’t set for anything less than that.

Built-in speakers

Having a built-in speaker is reduce the hassle of managing a separate audio system. Although these speakers are not the best in quality you probably won’t feel the difference unless you are not an audiophile.

If you are concerned about quality sound then by all means you should go for a separate sound system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the smallest 4K screen?

The smallest 4K screen is 9.6 inches in size. It has a pixel density of 458 PPI.

Are 24 inches too small for 4K?

Yes, 24 inches is too small for 4K. Because many games don’t have proper font scaling to work with 4K on a 24-inch screen.

Why are there no small 4K monitors?

Because it is not possible for human eyes to see details at a normal viewing distance. As the viewing distance grows so does the size of monitors.

Can the human eye see in 4K?

Yes, but that depends on the monitor’s size. If the monitor is too small, it won’t be possible to differentiate quality.

Is 4K worth it at 24-inch?

No, 4k resolution would be useless on a 24-inch monitor unless you have a very specific use case.

Bottom Line

Choosing the right monitor is not easy as you have to factor in a lot of things. It is common to miss some features and regret the purchase later. That’s why I have made this post with the list of the best small 4k monitors available in the market.

If you are still not sure which monitor suits you, I would recommend LG 24UD58-B or Dragon Touch S1 Pro.

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